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The web space hosting dealers undoubtedly differ from each other. In spite of having been in the shared hosting marketplace for years, not many web hosting plan wholesalers supply numerous datacenter facility location options for their invaluable clients. Despite its tiny scope, 'The Claypoole Group' provides FOUR exciting datacenter places: the United States of America, the UK, Sweden and Australia. You can run domain name-only user accounts or shared hosting packages in any of the available facilities.

Plan Details Web Hosting
Cost Per Month
Server Space Unlimited
Server Traffic Unlimited
CPU Usage 5%
Memory (RAM) N/A
Domains Hosted 1
FTPs Unlimited
eMail Mailboxes 100
Full Root Access
Secure Shell Access Optional
One-click Apps Installation Tool 2
Hepsia Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel

CPU Usage 1 - The CPU resource share is contingent on the specific virtual web server package.

One-click Apps Installation Tool 2 - Included solely in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.