Growing Cannabis Clones: How and Why You Should Cultivate Them

When you hear the word “cloning,” you may think of spage-age, sci-fi technology. However, cloning is very real and occurs every day in gardens worldwide. That’s the topic we’re going to delve into with this post. Today, we’re taking a look at cannabis clones.

What are Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis Clones

Cannabis clones are essentially the same thing as any other “clone” from fiction. They’re two plants that are exact genetic replicas of one another. That may sound simple at first. However, cloning cannabis is a little bit complicated.

To make a clone, you need to cut a small branch from one of your plants in the vegetative stage. Yes, it is possible to clone plants in the flower phase. However, these clones are generally less hardy and have a much higher mortality rate than vegetative clones.

When you cut a clone, slice the bottom of the branch at a 45-degree angle. Then, dip the cut into cloning solution. Finally, place the clone into a rock wool cube. Keep the clone under a humidity tray until its root system grows out of the bottom of the rock wool cube. At that point, you’re ready to transplant the clone into a larger pot – it’s essentially the same as any other weed plant.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase clones from your favorite Venice Beach dispensary.

Why Grow Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis clones offer one huge advantage over germinating a plant from seed. The clone is exactly the same as its parent. This means that if you have a certain strain you really love, you can flower it out over and over again using cloning.

Growing Clones vs Seeds

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, growing cannabis from clones instead of seeds offers several pros and cons. They include:


  • Faster: Instead of having to germinate every plant from a tiny seed, your plants start with developed leaves and a vascular system. This can save you up to two weeks of vegetative growth.
  • Regularity: All plants are perfect genetic copies of one another. That means you can standardize factors like nutrient dosages, light, watering, and more.
  • Always female: Going along with regularity, if you clone a female plant, the clone will also be female. This eliminates the need to scan your garden for male plants.
  • Easy: Germinating plants can be temperamental. If you don’t maintain a watchful eye over them, they can easily die. Clones are hardier and can take more abuse than growing plants from seeds.


  • Regularity: This can be a double-edged sword. Although having exact genetic copies can be useful, it can also lead to unforeseen consequences. For example, you may unwittingly grow an entire garden from clones that genetically produce low yields.
  • Infections: When you grow a plant from a seed, it starts as a fresh, healthy seedling. It hasn’t had the opportunity to become infected with environmental pathogens. In contrast, if you clone a sick plant, the clone will have that same disease. As a result, keeping a clean garden is paramount when growing cannabis clones.

how to clone cannabis plants

Where can I Find Clones?

Think growing cannabis clones may be in your future? You’ll need some clones to start with.

Stop by our Venice Beach dispensary to see what’s in stock!

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