Brand Spotlight: Level

For this brand spotlight we’d like to focus on one of the most recognizable edible brands around: Level. Their science-driven approach to cannabis has led them to produce a unique lineup of products that truly stand out from the rest. Here’s what makes Level a must-try edible brand.

Level’s Edibles: Fresh From the Lab

Level’s unwavering commitment to innovation has resulted in a cutting-edge lineup of cannabis edibles that just work–and work well. In a market where most brands compete on flavor, Level’s cannabis-infused tabs provide many practical benefits that other edibles just don’t. Level’s edibles emphasize effectiveness, reliability, and customizability, and empower people to make the most of the potential benefits of each cannabinoid.

Level’s cannabis-infused tabs deliver specific ratios and formulations of cannabinoids, giving you greater control over the exact cannabinoids that you ingest. Their unique cannabinoid blends are also a must-try for anyone looking to expand their horizons beyond just THC and CBD.

Here are a few of Level’s offerings we highly recommend checking out.

Level Protab, Protab 100, and Protab+

Level Protab, Protab 100, and Protab+

Level Protab infused tablets are available in a variety of cannabinoid blends and ratios that produce effects within 30–90 minutes of ingestion. Protab tablets contain roughly 25 mg of cannabinoids per unit, while Protab 100s contain a hefty 100 mg. They are available in varieties including Protab Sativa, Protab Indica, Protab Hybrid, in addition to a variety of cannabinoid types like CBG, CBDA, DELTA-8 THC, and others.

Feeling adventurous? Their Protab+ line contains several different unique cannabinoid blends that are unlike anything else you’ll find on the edibles shelf. We especially like their Lights Out Protab+ and their Recover Protab+ cannabinoid blends.

Level Hashtab and Hashtab+

Level Hashtab and Hashtab+

In addition to their protabs, Level also offer Hashtabs: tablets infused with ice water hash. Available in sativa and indica varieties, each Hashtab contains 25 mg of THC, while each Hashtab+ contains 100 mg.

If you enjoy hash, Level’s Hashtab and Hashtab+ tabs are a great option. When it comes to comparing Hashtab vs Protab onset time and effect duration, you can pretty much expect the same thing at 30–90 minutes for onset and 3–6 hours for duration.

Level Tablinguals

Level Tablinguals


Microdosing or low dosing can be a great way to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis, without the obvious psychoactive effects that can come along with it. With that said, microdosing or low dosing flower can be difficult as it’s hard to know just how much you’re getting with each puff.

Level’s Tablinguals make things much easier by delivering exactly 5 mg of cannabinoid per unit. They rapidly dissolve to begin producing effects within 20 minutes and can last for as long as 1–2 hours. These aren’t your typical THC/CBD edibles. Tablinguals are available in 3 different varieties: CBN 5 mg, CBG 5 mg, and a THCv 4 mg/CBG 1 mg blend. If you’re looking to try out a few new cannabinoids, Tablinguals are a great place to start!

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