’Tis the Season: Our Favorite Tasty Edibles for the Holidays!

’Tis the season for delicious treats! As the year winds down and our attention turns to gift giving (and gift receiving!), it’s natural for yummy treats like brownies, cookies and candy canes to appear.

While we love a homemade cookie as much as the next budtender, we think there’s an even better way to enjoy the holiday season: With our huge selection of tasty cannabis-infused edibles! From THC gummies to zingy chocolate-coated peppermint patties to rich caramel clusters, we’ve got enough gift ideas to keep you occupied through the New Year and beyond.

Tasty Edibles for the Holidays: THC Gummies

Tiny, potent, discreet and most of all delicious, these fruit-flavored little treats make great stocking stuffers. Here are just a few of our current faves!

Camino Gummies: Blenheim Apricot $20

thc gummies Camino Gummies: Blenheim Apricot
Source: I Heart Jane

Fresh apricot is one of California’s signature flavors and aromas, and these delicious little THC gummies combine it with a hint of lime and 5mg of THC per serving. The cannabis is a blend of indica- and sativa-dominant strains for a mild, well-balanced and mood-centering experience.

Kaneh Co.: Mango Chile $21

thc gummies Kaneh Co.: Mango Chile
Source: Kaneh

These yummy little numbers combine the classic flavors of fresh, sour mango with a hint of hot toasted chilli pepper. Rolled in sour sugar, they’re tart, puckery and delicious. Each gummy delivers 5mg of THC per serving for a light but noticeable dose of cannabis goodness.

Plus Gummies: Unwind Concord Grape $16

thc gummies 3 Plus Gummies: Unwind Concord Grape
Source: I Heart Jane

Sweet, a little tart, juicy (and darn cute-looking!), these deep purple THC gummies are designed with nighttime relaxation in mind. Delivering 4.5mg of THC and .5mg CBD per serving, they leave you feeling delightfully gooey and sleepy.

Tasty Edibles for the Holidays: Chocolates, Candies & Clusters

Atlas: Ember $22.75

Atlas: Ember
Source: Weedmaps

These irresistible caramel-laced granola clusters combine toasty cashews, tart dried apricots and a hint of spicy cayenne pepper. Oh, and a healthy dose of sativa-dominant cannabis for an energizing, functional and mindful boost!

Beboe: High CBD Indica Pastilles $37.50

Beboe: High CBD Indica Pastilles
Source: Beboe

There’s more to cannabis than just THC! These cute and tiny CBD-focused candies showcase the sweet-tart charm of blueberry with a hint of bewitching lavender. Delivering 10mg of CBD and a micro-dose of 3mg of THC carefully extracted from hash via the laborious cold-water method, they’re designed for a supremely smooth and mild chillout at the end of the day. Pricey but worth the splurge!

Défoncé: Coconut $21

Défoncé: Coconut
Source: Defonce

These elegant (and frankly just plain cool-looking!) chocolate bars combine toasted coconut and crunchy almonds with the bittersweet pleasures of high-grade chocolate. And speaking of highness, each square delivers 5mg of THC. Pace yourself!

Kiva: Dark Mint Chocolate Chip $23

Kiva: Dark Mint Chocolate Chip
Source: Kiva

These luxuriant dark chocolates feature the bracing snap of fresh mint, the crunch of toasty cacao nibs, and 100% cold water-extracted cannabinoids and terpenes for a full-flavored but balanced treat. Delivering 5mg of THC per serving, your only challenge might be pacing yourself!

Big Pete’s: Peanut Butter Indica Mini-Cookies $22

Big Pete’s: Peanut Butter Indica Mini-Cookies
Source: Bud

These crunchy, old-fashioned peanutty treats are a great late-night snack when you’re ready to unwind and let the stress and soreness just drain away. Each mini-cookie delivers 10mg of indica-dominant cannabis for a warm, full-body experience geared towards maximum relaxation.

Ready to grab some infused treats? Stop by our Venice Beach dispensary for THC gummies and more delectable edibles or place an order with our online dispensary menu.

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