Brand Spotlight: Stiiizy

For this brand spotlight, we’d like to take a minute to acknowledge one of the best-selling vape brands in California: Stiiizy.

Stiiizy is an award-winning brand known mostly for its outstanding lineup of proprietary vape products and its top-shelf cannabis flower. It’s certainly become one of our favorite brands for everything from vape carts and flower to concentrates and edibles. Here’s what makes Stiiizy so great.

Stiiizy: A Forward Thinking Cannabis Company

Founded in 2017, Stiiizy has grown from a humble California brand to a household name in multiple states. Their innovative approach to cannabis has led them to produce a unique lineup of cannabis products that consistently push the envelope of what cannabis can be.

Whether it’s their proprietary vapes or their cutting-edge concentrates, there’s just something special about Stiiizy that can’t be ignored. Today, their product lineup boasts a wide selection of flower, vapes, concentrates, and edibles that are known for their quality and consistency.

Here are a few Stiiizy products to keep an eye out for this year.

Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy Pods

Stiiizy’s vape pods are their bread and butter. Made from the premium top-shelf flower, Stiiizy pods are bursting with flavorful terpenes and loaded with cannabinoids. Each pod plugs into a Stiiizy battery for quick and easy vaping with no fuss wherever you are.

You can find Stiiizy pods in several different varieties and dozens of different Stiiizy strains. Especially worth mentioning are their cannabis-derived terpene pods and their live resin pods.

Stiiizy Cannabis Derived Terpenes Pods

Available in a variety of different strains and Stiiizy pods flavors, Stiiizy’s cannabis-derived terpenes pods are extracted from locally-sourced cannabis plants and represent the natural terpene profile of each strain. If authenticity is a priority, you can rest assured you’re getting the real thing in these pods.

Stiiizy Live Resin Pods

Stiiizy live resin pods are the gold standard for vape pods, delivering a remarkably bold taste that other vape carts just can’t match. Extracted from freshly-harvested flash-frozen flower, Stiiizy’s live resin pods feature a full-spectrum cannabis oil that produces a true-to-cannabis experience.

Stiiizy Cannabis Flower

Stiiizy Cannabis Flower

Stiiizy premium indoor flower is hand-selected for purity, potency, and flavor, to ensure that you get nothing but the best in each and every jar. Grown in a state-of-the-art indoor facility, Stiiizy flower is consistently some of the finest that we come across at our dispensary.

If you like Stiiizy flower, make sure to also keep an eye out for pre-rolls like their Stiiizy 40’s Pre-Roll, Stiiizy Premium Indoor Blunts, and Stiiizy 40’s Blunts. Available in a huge variety of different strains, every Stiiizy pre-roll is filled with their famous indoor Stiiizy flower and wrapped tightly in a premium wrap. If you want to make your next session an extra special one, a Stiiizy pre-roll may be just what you’re looking for.

Stiiizy Extracts and Concentrates

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to take a moment to mention Stiiizy’s lineup of extracts and concentrates. Stiiizy has never really been known for their concentrates but has taken the time to refine their skills and develop a lineup of enticing extracts that can hang with the best of them.

Today, Stiiizy offers an exciting selection of extracts including live rosin badder, live rosin jam, live resin diamonds, and curated live resin. We’ve made sure to stock our menu with a number of Stiiizy concentrates that we think our customers will love.

Stiiizy Products at Green Goddess Collective

Want to try out some of Stiiizy’s goodies for yourself? Come by our Venice dispensary today or check out our online menu right now to shop a giant assortment of cannabis products including a hand-picked selection of Stiiizy products that you’re sure to love. We hope to see you soon!

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