Cannabis Dosing: How Much Cannabis Should You Consume?

Finding your ideal dose of cannabis isn’t always easy, especially for beginners.

Consuming too little can leave you feeling somewhat unsatisfied. But consuming too much can have you locked to your couch for an entire afternoon. For beginners or casual smokers, the right dose could mean the difference between a fun, exciting high and an intense, anxiety-filled one.

So how much cannabis should consume? It all depends!

Different Strains, Different Potency

The very first thing you should consider is the potency of your product. The THC content of your flower will directly affect how much THC enters your system, and how high you will get. The more THC, the stronger your high will be.

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It’s important to understand that different strains contain different amounts of THC. Whereas some strains may contain very little THC (Charlotte’s Web contains as little as 0.3%), others can reach soaring levels of over 25% THC (Gorilla Glue #4 has tested as high as 30%). Pay attention to the THC content of your strain as it’ll have a huge impact on the strength of your high.

Different Methods, Different Results

How you choose to consume your THC will affect how much of it makes it into your bloodstream to produce effects. Your method of consumption should be a primary factor when considering cannabis dosing.

Smoking and vaping are the best methods of consumption for beginners as they give you the best opportunity to control your dosage. Start with a small bowl and take a few minutes after every hit to enjoy the immediate effects and to determine if you really need more. Consider using a one-hitter pipe as a way to manage your dose hit by hit.

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It’s especially important to start low and go slow when consuming cannabis edibles. Edibles can take up to an hour to kick in depending on your digestive speed and the contents of your stomach. Many beginners make the mistake of consuming more without giving edibles enough time to work. Beginners should consider starting with a low edible dose in the 5 mg – 10 mg range.

Beginners should also be especially careful when consuming concentrated cannabis products like shatter, wax, or distillate. These products can regularly reach THC levels of between 60% and 99%. Consuming these products is really not recommended for beginners or inexperienced smokers. If you choose to do so, make sure to carefully read the package to determine the THC content of your concentrate. And as always, don’t forget to start low and go VERY slow.

Cannabis Dosing For Beginners: What About CBD?

Getting the right dose of CBD is especially important because CBD produces such different effects at different doses. Smaller doses of CBD (20 mg) are believed to cause stimulating and energizing effects while larger doses (40mg+) are believed to produce sedative and relaxing effects. As such, your ideal CBD dose is largely dependent on the effects you wish to achieve.

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Your bodyweight should also be a consideration when thinking about cannabis dosing. Those with lower body weight should start with lower doses, meanwhile heavier individuals may require larger doses to feel the same effects. For example, a 15 mg starting dose may suitable for someone weighing 150 lb but a person weighing 200 lb may be better suited starting at 20 mg.

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