Cannabis for Anxiety: The Most Relaxing Strains

One of the most common reasons for using cannabis is relieving anxiety, as chemical compounds within cannabis such as THC and CBD are adept at soothing the mind and putting almost anyone into a state of calm and ease. For those who suffer from chronic nerves or overwhelming mental stress, these strains are widely known to be some of the best cannabis for anxiety available.

Cannabis for Anxiety: 4 Strain Recs

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Strain
Source: Leafly

Wedding Cake is a classic hybrid strain renowned for its potent cerebral effects. Drawing from the best qualities of its indica lineage, Wedding Cake is able to instill a comfortable, hazy high capable of lasting for hours. With batches of the strain testing at over 21% THC, newer or inexperienced users are highly recommended to dose slowly during their encounter with Wedding Cake.

While Wedding Cake has a reputation as the ideal cannabis for anxiety, its unique flavor and scent profile will also invite customers to replenish their supply. Girl Scout Cookies forms the backbone of Wedding Cake’s storied genetics, imbuing the strain with a similar sweet and smooth flavor that aims to impress any gathering of like-minded cannabis consumers.


Harlequin Strain

As a strain rich in CBD, Harlequin is designed to melt away anxiety. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive component within cannabis that is well-known primarily for its healing properties. That means Harlequin may not pack the same heady high as other strains packed with THC, but its ability to promote relaxation and wellbeing is unrivaled.

Whether you’re simply in search of a positive state of mind or seeking mental clarity, Harlequin offers an uplifting experience each time. Its status as perhaps the best strain of cannabis for anxiety and stress relief has made it an increasingly popular purchase at dispensaries across the country.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch Strain

Though this indica strain is primarily known for its vivid purple coloration, Purple Punch is often recommended to treat a variety of conditions. Patients suffering from nausea, aching, and insomnia have reported that Purple Punch is effective in assuaging their ailments. Likewise, Purple Punch is robust in combating anxiety, creating a blissful mental atmosphere.

Beyond its medicinal characteristics, Purple Punch has a reputation for its fruity flavor reminiscent of blueberries and grapes. Whenever your next cannabis kickback rolls around, the addition of Purple Punch to the mix of strains is guaranteed to be a hit.

King Louis

King Louis Strain
Source: Leafly

Another indica that takes a somewhat different approach to relieving nerves, King Louis is likely to induce deep sleep in those who partake. The lineage of King Louis draws from the famous OG Kush, a staple of American cannabis culture.

King Louis often tests above 20% THC, lending extra power to its euphoric high. As a common fixture among California dispensaries, cannabis consumers are never too far from their own supply of this regal strain.

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