Green Goddess Venice Rocks the Neighborhood with a Stunning Redesign

As the oldest continually operating legal dispensary in the country, Green Goddess Venice has a lot to live up to. It’s been an incredible 15 years since we first opened and 12 since we set up shop in the heart of Venice Beach. And while we loved our old storefront, we thought it was time to bring a fresh new look to our shop while paying homage to our history (and the countless thousands of happy customers who’ve trusted us to offer the best cannabis products we can possibly source).

Let’s just say: We really didn’t hold back!

If you haven’t yet seen our redesigned dispensary, let today’s post serve as a little sneak peek. We’re incredibly excited about our new space, and we think you’re going to feel the same way once you visit!

green goddess redesign

Green Goddess Venice: A New Design for a Better Experience

While 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, we decided to take advantage of the quiet months of diminished contact to completely rethink the customer experience inside the Green Goddess Venice space.

We asked ourselves: What are the ways we could give the public even greater access to our wealth of cannabis knowledge and experience? And not least: How can we design a space that encapsulates our pride in our long history as trusted cannabis retailers, while also taking customers on a sensory journey?

We think you’re going to love what we came up with!

From retro touches like glassed-in “horseshoe” counter to Deco-style lighting fixtures and the cheeky marquee signage on the wall, we wanted to elevate the customer experience while retaining our personal aesthetic.

And above all, it’s a nod to honor the growers and producers who allow us to offer the absolute finest California-grown flower, concentrates, edibles, and other specialty products to our customers.

Green Goddess Venice RedesignHere’s another thing: Because so many of our visitors are cannabis-curious tourists—and also because many of our local customer friends are interested in deepening their cannabis knowledge—we put special emphasis on creating more opportunities for interaction with budtenders.

That means providing more educational materials and resources to learn about specific products, and more than anything just an opportunity to chat and share knowledge with our staff. Because at the end of the day, it’s that special kind of interaction and exchange that make working at Green Goddess Venice such a special and singular experience.

Green Goddess Venice: Expanding Outside the Dispensary

Even as our smashing new design has transformed our storefront, Green Goddess Venice is looking for new ways to interact with our community.

That’s why we sponsor the outdoor “Laugh on Grass” comedy series. And if you’re a regular visitor to our blog, you know that we promote curated experiences such as meditation or yoga paired with specific strain and product recommendations.

Green Goddess Venice Dispensary

Last but definitely not least, look for us to share more cannabis-themed content in the quarterly magazine Muse, distributed free in Venice Beach and nearby neighborhoods as an educational and entertainment resource. It’s our way of staying connected with our community, and a small way we can say “Thank you!” to the people who brought us here while looking forward the many years we hope to share with you in our redesigned Venice Beach dispensary. You can learn more about the redesign and everything that went into it here.

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