Coasting on the Venice Beach Bike Path

Among the beaches of Los Angeles, Venice is one of the most popular, owing to its beachside attractions and famous boardwalk. For bicyclists, coasting on the Venice Beach bike path is a time-honored tradition, and the bustling sights and sea breeze make it a consistently memorable experience. We have all of the information you need to make the most of your biking excursion on Venice Beach and plan out your day for maximum fun. (Before planning to head out, make sure to check out the LA Parks site to see whether Venice Beach is open.)

Venice Beach Bike Rentals

Venice Beach Bike Path 1

There are many options for Venice Beach bike rentals, even amid the conditions brought by COVID-19, and care should be taken to do your research beforehand prior to selecting your service. To that end, customers are looking for bike rentals that are both quality and affordable. Review aggregators like Yelp and Google Businesses can greatly assist with the search for a reliable source for renting a bike.

Typically, bike rentals cost between 4 to 6 dollars per hour, with prices that scale depending on the amount of time you wish to rent your bike. Furthermore, the type of bike you rent can also increase or decrease the total amount you will eventually pay, with some services offering all-terrain cycles for an extra hourly fee.

Coasting on the Venice Beach Bike Path

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The Venice Beach bike path extends the length of the beach and runs alongside the neighborhood’s popular boardwalk. Bicyclists can stop for any number of treats served by the local vendors, with local eateries and various franchises dotting the beachside’s commercial zone. Likewise, there are plenty of souvenirs for those interested in memorializing their trip.

Those who bike the path don’t have to stop in Venice, as the road is connected to the larger Marvin Braude Bike Trail that runs all the way through the coastal communities of Los Angeles, from the Pacific Palisades to Santa Monica and beyond. That makes this trail perfect for anyone training for long-distance races, or people who have a commuting destination anywhere along the coast.

Tips for Riding the Path

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when coasting on the Venice Beach bike path is that it can often get quite busy, so always be aware of potential pedestrians attempting to cross through. This is of concern when riding near the boardwalk itself, as it is the most high-traffic area of the beach.

Similarly, non-bicyclists are also allowed to use the path, including skateboarders and roller skaters. Extra caution should be heeded when sharing the trail with others to avoid potential accidents. During the era of Covid, wearing a mask is also a requirement at all LA County public beaches.

When you’re done enjoying the bike path, don’t forget to pick up your order from your favorite Venice Beach dispensary. Plan ahead and place your order on our online dispensary menu. We’ll message you when it’s ready. It’s the perfect way to relax after a beautiful ride!


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