Get Toasty with Green Goddess’s Holiday Movies + Cannabis Pairings

While we at Green Goddess believe that any night’s a good night to curl up with cannabis and a favorite movie, this time of year is a little bit different. With the days getting shorter and the nights cooler, it’s holiday movies we crave. From the heartwarming classics of decades past to more recent (and more raucous) offerings, there’s no shortage of holiday movies to choose from. And to make your viewing even more special, we’ve scanned our stock of hundreds of sensational cannabis products to choose just the right ones to pair with your favorite flicks! Dim the lights, grab the popcorn, and get your fill of holiday cheer!

Green Goddess’s Favorite Holiday Movies and Cannabis Product Pairings

Holiday Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

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Source: Wikipedia

Any time you think “heartwarming,” chances are this Hollywood classic comes to mind. Featuring Jimmy Stewart as a hapless bank employee who’s given up on his dream of helping others, It’s a Wonderful Life is considered one of the greatest films of all time.

Cannabis Product: Hindu Kush by Cali Hash

A timeless classic of a very different kind, Hindu Kush is one of the world’s great cannabis cultivars. A pure indica from the mountain range of the same name, it’s guaranteed to put a wide and euphoric grin on your face.

Holiday Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Source: IMDb

A triumph of stop-motion animation, Tim Burton’s holiday classic takes Christmas in an entirely new direction. Tired of merely scaring people, the Halloween Pumpkin King decides to kidnap Santa Claus and give Christmas his own spin. It’s equal parts dark, playful, creative, and uproarious.

Cannabis Product: Raspberry & Cream White Chocolate Bar by Kiva

You’ll need something potent and a little devilish to match “The Nightmare,” and this THC-laden treat from one of California’s best-loved edibles creators is just the ticket: Tart, sweet, and unapologetically delicious.

Holiday Movie: Elf

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Source: IMDb

Antic, silly, and laugh-out-loud funny, Elf features Will Ferrell in one of his most unhinged roles as a human trapped in the role of Santa’s best-intentioned helper. It’s family-friendly but doesn’t skimp on humor for all ages. Spoiler alert: You’ll never see spaghetti quite the same way again.

Cannabis Product: Releaf High-THC Tincture by Papa & Barkley

Tinctures are one of our favorite ways to add the benefits of cannabis to nearly anything you like to eat or drink. This holiday, mix a few drops into a mug of peppermint cocoa or chamomile tea for a delightful and relaxed viewing experience.

Holiday Movie: Bad Santa

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Source: TV Guide

Family-friendly it ain’t, but if you’ve got a taste for dark comedy, this Christmas tale gone wrong might just be the thing for you. And hidden inside the tale of a “Santa” (Billy Bob Thornton) running off the rails, you’ll find real redemption, too.

Cannabis Product: Buddies Ice Cream Cake

What would Santa dab? We can’t say with certainty, but if he’s anything like Thornton’s character in “Bad Santa,” he’d most definitely want to try this impossibly flavorful concentrate. Buyer beware: With a THC potency approaching 80%, even experienced elves will want to take it easy with this sweet-tasting powerhouse.

Holiday Movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Source: Best Buy

First aired in 1965, this 25-minute animated short has since become a true holiday classic. In it, the eternally angsty Charlie Brown finds himself lacking in Christmas Spirit, and as he attempts to produce his own Christmas play, he finds himself mocked by his peers. But a heartfelt conversation with neighborhood mystic Linus changes Charlie’s tune, and soon the whole Peanuts gang is united in holiday joy.

Cannabis Product: Big Pete’s Treats Chocolate Chip Cookies.

A classic movie deserves a classic treat. Just don’t forget to grab some milk, too! Do be sure to pace yourself, as this yummy treat is designed to deliver maximum cannabinoids with minimum edibles!

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