Got the Quarantine Blues? Try These Art Tutorials While High

Got the quarantine blues? There’s no reason not to put the time to good use, and combining cannabis with online art tutorials can give a whole new meaning to “high art!”

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “fine artist,” creating something just for the fun of it—whether it’s a doodle, a watercolor, a DIY craft project or anything else that’s decorative and engaging—is a great way to keep the hands and the heart engaged while we’re in the midst of the current pandemic.

We scoured the internet to find the best online resources for sparking those creative juices. And you’ll probably want some essential “art supplies,” too. Right now, we’re offering curbside pickup and free delivery within a 5 mile radius of our Venice Beach dispensary!

High Art: Official Bob Ross “Joy of Painting” YouTube Channel

Even if you missed the original run of “The Joy of Painting”—which aired on PBS from 1983 to 1994—there’s an excellent chance you caught its second act: As a 21st-century viral sensation. The brainchild of soft-spoken, incredible-haired host Bob Ross, it’s a strangely compelling tutorial and meditation on patience, nature, and the quiet pleasures of painting trees. A lot of them.

Strain Recommendation: Charge 515, Canndescent

A fascinating concept in cannabis cultivation, Canndescent carefully grows and cures different strains for five signature effects. The process is a bit like the careful handwork and patience that goes into making an artisanal tea, and you can expect a similar uplift and cerebral boost from this very special premium flower!

High Art: How to Draw Animals with Glenn Vilppu

Vlippu is regarded as one of the world’s finest art teachers. In addition to countless private lessons, he’s instructed artists at graphics, animation, and game studios as well as universities and art schools around the world. At $600, his online drawing classes aren’t free (or even cheap). But you can get a taste of his style and abilities with this genuinely fun and absorbing class, taught by a master artist.

Strain Recommendation: Sour Diesel Lemon Kush Pre-Roll, Fade Co

This beautiful hybrid brings unique focusing effects to a classic head-heavy high. Some fans love to trip out on the “organic wave” effect that accompanies an intense rush of energy. Now grab those pencils and start drawing!

High Art: iPad Procreate Portrait Tutorial for Beginners

More comfortable with a screen than a canvas? Not a problem! Powerful image-manipulation apps like Procreate bring the tactile sensations of painting and sketching to the digital realm, turning your iPad into something like a very full-featured Etch A Sketch. Instructor Haze Long (who, incredibly, is NOT a cannabis strain) guides you through an easy but surprisingly impressive range of techniques and effects. It’s a great example of using the tools at hand to make something fun, easy and memorable!

Strain Recommendation: Sativa Lemon Cookies, Big Pete

Buttery, lemony, and packing 10mg of sativa each, these cookies offer a long-lasting and cerebrally stimulating high that pairs perfectly with creative pursuits. The only real problem is remembering when to stop snacking!

You can grab these strains and unleash your inner artist—just stop by our online menu now!

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