Spring Cleaning: How to Clean a Pipe or Bong

One of the most frustrating aspects of smoking cannabis can be the process of cleaning your equipment. Over time, dreaded resin builds up in cannabis pipes and bongs that can seriously impact the quality of your smoking experience. Since it’s spring, it’s time to give those old pipes and bongs a good cleaning, and we’ve got a set of handy tips on how to approach the process in the most effective, time-saving manner.

Equipment for Cleaning

how to clean a bong

Before actually cleaning your pipe or bong, be sure to have the necessary equipment on hand in order to ensure the smoothest possible process. Your exact equipment will be dependent on your method of cleaning, but most of the time you will be using a plastic bag, stoppers, a towel, and/or a tool for scraping out resin.

Best Cannabis Cleaning Solutions

When approaching the problem of how to clean a pipe or how to clean a bong, one of the most important aspects is your selection of a cleaning solution. Common glassware cleaning solutions include isopropyl alcohol, grain alcohol, and salt, but there are also many specialized cleaning solutions on the market that are intended specifically for the purpose of eliminating resin.

Keep in mind when applying your cleaning solution that leftover resin may become toxic when exposed to substances like isopropyl alcohol. Always be thorough in ensuring your pipe is free of residue before smoking from it again to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals that are released when resin is burned.

How to Clean a Pipe

how to clean a bong

The most well-known and frequently practiced method for how to clean a pipe involves placing the pipe in a plastic bag with salt and alcohol. Simply fill the bag with your alcohol of choice, add around a tablespoon of salt, and put the pipe in the bag. After around 15 minutes, begin to shake the bag, allowing the solution to slosh in and out of the pipe.

After this is done, you only need to thoroughly rinse out the pipe. Hot water is recommended for this part, as well as soap for an extra layer of clean. Remember to remove the excess resin, preferably with a pipe cleaner for the best possible outcome.

How to Clean a Bong

Cleaning a bong will follow a similar process as cleaning a pipe. As bongs have multiple pieces of equipment, like the stem and the bowl, these will be removed and placed to the side prior to cleaning.

Then, just add salt and alcohol as you would in the previously discussed act of pipe cleaning. However, instead of using a plastic bag, two rubber stoppers can be employed to seal the bong after the cleaning solution has been poured in. After that, simply shake firmly, pour out the solution, and rinse. You may need to rinse a few separate times, but once your bong has been dried, it’s good to go. Here’s a video that makes the process seem easy!

And that means packing it, right? A clean bong or bowl is perfect for getting the maximum flavor from your bud. Grab some new strains at your favorite Venice Beach dispensary!

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