Perfect Blunts: How to Roll a Joint

In the world of cannabis, there are few skills more respected than the ability to roll a joint. The designated joint-roller is always the life of any gathering, and the skill comes in handy for individual use, too. But what is actually required to roll the ideal joint, and how can an excellent blunt roll be achieved consistently? Read on to learn the best method for how to roll a joint to perfection.

How to Roll a Joint: Best Paper

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When it comes to joint rolling, one of the most important aspects to consider is the type of rolling paper employed. Indeed, your rolling paper will have a significant impact on the quality of your smoking experience, having the ability to produce thin joints that burn quickly or thickly-wrapped joints that produce smooth, slow burns.

Generally, individual preference plays a large part in determining one’s affinity for particular rolling papers. When browsing the market, it will instantly become apparent how many different brands and varieties of rolling papers there are to choose from. Between flavored rolling papers, hemp, rice papers, and cones, there are options for almost every circumstance and preference.

The most common type of rolling paper that “gets the job done” for most consumers is hemp paper. As the name implies, this paper is derived from hemp and offers a sturdier alternative to the thinner rice paper that is also often used in pre-roll joints across the country. “Cones,” which emulate cigarillos, can provide an even slower burn.

How to Roll a Joint: Filters

One component of joint rolling that is often forgotten is the use of filters. Filters, or “joint tips,” are the little tubes that joints are wrapped around, which are intended to allow for proper airflow during your smoking experience. Joint filters are not necessarily required in order to roll a joint, but they are highly recommended for several reasons.

First, as mentioned, joint filters create a path for smoke to be able to travel through the joint. While you can smoke through the end of a joint without a filter, you may find that you are not able to inhale as much as you otherwise would. Likewise, you are also more likely to end up with excess cannabis in your mouth, or you may find that the paper tip of your joint becomes soggy and closes up, preventing any airflow at all.

How to Roll a Joint: Proper Method

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Before you begin the process of rolling, the first thing you need to do to create your joint is grind up cannabis. When grinding, it should be noted that a fine grind is desired, as coarse cannabis can result in lumpy joints that burn unevenly. Once your cannabis is prepared, you can lay out your paper flat and begin to pack it, taking care to evenly distribute the ground cannabis so as to allow for a smooth and consistent burn.

After the cannabis has been spread throughout the joint, it’s time to roll. Gently fold one end of the paper under your cannabis, and begin to roll using your thumb and index finger. Seal your joint with a lick, twist the tip, and your joint should be ready to smoke. Check out this video for more tips.

Of course, rolling is only part of the process. Make sure you have some good bud to burn—check out our Venice Beach dispensary menu now.

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