Cannabis Come Down: How to Stop Being High

Over the years, cannabis growers and manufacturers have continuously aimed to make their products as potent as possible. On the modern cannabis market, consumers can find products that range from low THC content, such as CBD-rich strains, to awesomely high potency, like concentrates and other relatively recent innovations. Sometimes, however, the products we purchase can end up as a mismatch with our own level of tolerance, resulting in a high that either lasts too long or is uncomfortably overbearing. To help with your next cannabis come down, here’s everything you should know about how to stop being high.

Proper Dosing with Cannabis

How to stop being high

Before addressing the question of how to stop being high, cannabis consumers should begin with an understanding of best practices for dosing in general. It’s always better to avoid becoming too high in the first place, rather than struggling to overcome an uncomfortable situation.

When dosing with cannabis, whether you’re eating edibles or smoking with a traditional pipe, the most important thing to keep in mind is exercising patience. There will always be the opportunity to inhale more smoke or eat more of an edible, but you can’t undo the effects of THC you’ve already ingested.

Always go slow when consuming cannabis, wait for a short period of time for the effects to kick in, and then ingest more THC if you are still unsatisfied. While it may seem like a good idea to consume more THC to accelerate the onset of your high, this habit generally only leads to uncomfortable experiences.

How to Stop Being High

Sleep While High

First, it should be noted that the best, most natural remedy for overcoming a cannabis high is sleep. When possible, sleeping for a few hours can help dispell the majority of your cannabis high, leaving you with only a light buzz when you awaken. However, there are certain situations in which sleep doesn’t come easily, or is simply not an available option.

If you can’t fall asleep, the next best option to come down from a high is widely considered to be eating a full, nutritious meal. Food assists in mitigating the harsher effects of a cannabis high; likewise, drinking ample amounts of water can refresh the body and contribute to a more stable sense of being.

Walking or attempting a light amount of exercise can also prove exceptionally effective in regaining a sense of control over your body. While motor functionality may be impaired by an overwhelming high, keeping distracted with physical activity will assist in preventing a cycle of panic and distress.

Tips and Tricks for How to Stop Being High

Black pepper to stop being high

Black pepper is often mentioned as a simple method of relieving anxiety and helping to calm the body in the midst of a harsh cannabis high. Lightly biting into a single peppercorn or even smelling a small amount of pepper may be useful in centering the mind and body.

Taking a shower can also be an effective way to achieve relaxation and calm. When showering while high, though, always be careful not to injure yourself, as an inability to fully control one’s movement has the potential to result in injury in a slippery location like the shower.

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