Kanha Edibles Gummies Review

Needless to say, working in one of the nation’s oldest cannabis dispensaries means that we get to sample an incredible array of exciting cannabis products. And while we’ll never get tired of trying enticing new strains of fresh cannabis flower, soothing topicals and balms—even playing with pet cannabis plants!—we have a place in our hearts for cannabis-infused edibles. 

Why? Besides the important role they played in the story of medical cannabis (thanks, Brownie Mary!), there’s the sheer delight a well-crafted edible can bring, offering a deep, flavorful, and long-lasting experience. That’s why we’re thrilled to present the subject of today’s Brand Spotlight: Kanha.

In addition to being just plain delicious, Kanha gummies and other cannabis edibles bring a deep and fascinating backstory. And thanks to Kanha edibles’ proprietary nano technology, these yummy infused treats are thrillingly fast-acting. If you’re into exceptional fruit-flavored gummies, chews, and other treats, today’s post is for you!

Kanha Gummies: A Journey to Exotic Flavors

The Kanha story begins back in the 1980s, when company founders Keith Cich and Cameron Clarke met at Stanford University. But it would take several decades—not to mention a globe-trotting trail that would eventually lead through Asia, Africa, and South America—for the two to partner in Kanha. Most importantly, seeing firsthand how different peoples of the world live in harmony with their environment had a deep impact on the two and their vision for the company.

As Cich and Clarke expanded their spiritual horizons on the road, a key inspiration for Kanha came back home when Clarke, an engineer by training, was tinkering with a CO2 extractor with the purpose of creating an algae that would help clean dirty ocean water and create biodegradable plastics. By chance, a friend stopped by with a similar extractor designed to process cannabinoid-rich oil from cannabis plants. From there, Clarke was hooked.

(By the way, if you’d like to know a little more about how cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the cannabis plant, start with our quick guide to concentrates.)

One special feature of many Kanha products is the company’s nano technology, which allows the cannabinoids in Kanha’s CBD gummies and THC gummies to be more quickly absorbed by the body. This means that instead of a 30 – 90 minute onset time, Kanha “nano” products typically take only 5 – 15 minutes for the effects to come on.

But of course those fast-acting effects wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without some truly dynamite flavors. And Kanha edibles deliver all this and more, with incredibly vivid flavors such as fresh lychee, cranberry-pomegranate, and even chili-kissed mango, papaya, and other tropical fruits. Even when the weather outside’s cold and wet, they’re the perfect way to put a bite of summer back in your pantry. 

The Kanha Story: Wrapping Up

We’re a little bit wild about Kanha gummies, CBD- and THC-rich treats that come with a fascinating backstory. If you’d like to try any of their products for yourself, visit our live menu to see what Kanha treats we have in stock today.

As always, the friendly team here at Green Goddess Collective welcome any questions you might have about Kanha gummies or any of the other products we carry here at the dispensary. Reach out anytime!

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