Why We Love Pre-Rolls (And You Will, Too)

Before legalization, if you wanted to smoke a joint you were stuck having to roll it yourself. Problem is that rolling a good joint isn’t always easy and sometimes the joint-rolling process can feel like a real chore. Thankfully, nowadays you can just head down to your local dispensary and pick up a pre-roll instead. What are pre-rolls and why do people love them so much? Let us tell you all about it! 

What Are Pre-Rolls? 

Pre-rolls are, quite simply, joints that have already been rolled and are ready for smoking right out of the package. You can think of theM kind of like premade joints. They are machine rolled and always include a filter as well to ensure you have the best smoking experience possible.

What Are Pre-Rolls Good For?

There are actually a bunch of advantages to picking up a pre-roll instead of rolling your own joints.

For starters, people who don’t regularly roll joints don’t get the practice necessary to become really good at it. Oftentimes this results in a poorly rolled joint that can burn unevenly and be quite unenjoyable to smoke. You’ll never have to worry about this when enjoying pre-rolls though because they are precisely rolled by machines that can be counted on to roll perfect joints each and every time. 

Even if you’ve gotten pretty good at rolling your own joints you may not have the time or may not feel like putting in the effort necessary to roll your own joint. Pre-rolls make life easier by allowing you to skip the rolling process altogether. Instead of having to grind up your bud and go through the process of rolling it yourself, you can just grab some pre-rolls off the shelf and get down to the good stuff right away. 

At the end of the day, picking up pre-rolls is oftentimes just way more convenient than having to roll your own joints. Moreover, joints aren’t the only type of pre-roll you can pick up at a dispensary. Here are 3 more kinds of pre-rolls you can try. 

Pre-Rolled Blunts

Blunts are a blast to smoke but they can be even harder to roll up than a regular joint due to the material of the wrap. If you’ve ever wanted to experience smoking a blunt but don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling one yourself, just grab a pre-rolled one instead! Next time you drop by our dispensary make sure to check out our selection of blunts and mini blunts (bluntitos) perfect for seasoned veterans and first-time blunt smokers alike. 

CBD Pre-Rolls

Not every pre-roll is a high-THC pre-roll, and a lot of dispensaries also carry CBD pre-rolls. Usually, these are not hemp cigarettes but legit pre-rolls packed with high-CBD flower. If flower is your preferred CBD dosing method then pre-rolls will offer you the convenience of taking your CBD in the form of a finely rolled joint. 

Infused Pre-Rolls

Last but not least, infused pre-rolls take the whole pre-roll experience to the next level by adding a potent cannabis concentrate or extract to the mix. The result is a harder-hitting experience with a much higher THC level. If regular pre-rolls just aren’t strong enough for you then try an infused pre-roll instead. 

Pre-Rolled Joints At Green Goddess Collective

Visit our Venice dispensary or browse our online menu from the comfort of your home to shop a huge selection of premium cannabis pre-rolls that you’re sure to love. Can’t find the time to visit our store at all? Not a problem: We deliver too. We look forward to seeing you!

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