Meet Mary’s Medicinals: Cannabis Patches, Transdermal Products and More

For this vendor spotlight, we’re taking a minute to appreciate one of the best brands in cannabis wellness, Mary’s Medicinals. 

Cannabis Wellness Done Right

Mary’s Medicinals specializes in making high-quality cannabis wellness products that people can count on. Founded in 2013, it quickly worked its way to becoming an industry leader in cannabis-based medicine. Their extensive lineup of products has been developed with convenient use, accurate dosing, and manufacturer accountability in mind.

It is best-known for its award-winning transdermal THC and CBD pain relief patches that have set the bar for what cannabis patches should be. However, they actually produce a variety of other cannabis products including topicals, gel pens, vape cartridges, tinctures, capsules, and hemp-derived products, too.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation has been a big part of its story. After creating the first cannabis transdermal THC and CBD patches in 2013, they’ve continued to work on new cutting-edge approaches for isolating cannabinoids and developing products that maximize their benefits. More recently they’ve begun to work with the cannabinoid CBC and have created a CBC transdermal cream, one of very few available on the market.

Products You Can Trust

Patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Mary’s Medicinals. That’s why they perform in-house lab-testing on raw materials, extracts, and final products. They don’t stop there though. They also send their products to third-party labs to test the final product once more, ensuring that their products are clean, pure, and potent. 

Mary’s Medicinals at Green Goddess Collective

We’ve made sure to supply our Venice dispensary with several products, including their award-winning transdermal THC and CBD patches. Come by our dispensary or browse our online menu to shop a selection of cannabis wellness products anytime. 

Here are just a few products we recommend trying for anyone interested in cannabis wellness. 

Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 Transdermal Patch

Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 Transdermal Patch delivers an even dose of THC and CBD through the skin. Each patch contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD that enters the skin over a 12-hour period. Effective and easy to use, this patch is a great starting point for anyone new to cannabis medicine and looking for THC or CBD pain relief. 

Mary’s Medicinals CBN Transdermal Patch

Mary’s Medicinals CBN Transdermal Patch contains nothing but CBN, a cannabinoid that has been suggested to have relaxing properties. Each patch contains 20 mg of CBN and you can expect the onset of effects within 15–30 minutes of application. In addition to this cannabinoid, the patch has also been enriched with a number of terpenes including limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. 

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Muscle Freeze

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Muscle Freeze contains 150 mg of CBD infused into a transdermal gel designed to target tough muscle aches and strains. If you’re looking for a therapeutic dose of CBD to help ease discomfort or help with athletic recovery, then this is the one for you. 

Mary’s Medicinals: CBD Patches, Transdermals, and More at Green Goddess

In addition to their transdermal pain relief patches, we also stock a number of other products of great therapeutic value. Keep an eye on our menu to see when new Mary’s products make it to our shelves and grab some for yourself! 

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