RSO: What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a concentrated cannabis oil that is believed to have tremendous therapeutic value. This thick, sticky oil is a full-spectrum whole plant extract that harnesses the full therapeutic power of cannabis. But just who is Rick Simpson?


Rick Simpson’s Story

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on his arm in 2003. Having previously used cannabis to treat a different condition, Rick once again turned to cannabis in order to successfully treat his cancer. Inspired by research indicating THC’s tumor-fighting potential, Rick set out to create his own potent cannabis oil that could be used to treat his condition.

After creating RSO and successfully using it to treat his cancer, Rick began doing everything in his power to bring his signature oil to those who needed it the most. Over the years he went on to teach many others how to produce and use his oil to treat their conditions as well. Today you can find Rick’s oil on dispensary shelves all across the country from where it continues to help countless people manage and treat their own health problems.

What Exactly Is RSO?

So what exactly is RSO? Rick Simpson Oil is a thick concentrated oil, usually black in color. It’s quite sticky and can sometimes seem almost tar-like in consistency. Rick’s oil is typically made using heavy indica strains that are known for their therapeutic potential and is usually sold in syringes (without the needles).


How Do You Use Rick Simpson Oil?

There are many different ways to use Rick’s oil depending on what you wish to achieve with it.

If you are looking for systemic effects then the oil can be applied sublingually or eaten. When placed under the tongue, the oil’s content is absorbed through membranes under the tongue. However, some people find that regularly using the oil this way can result in a scratchy and sore throat after a week or two of regular use.

To avoid this, Rick’s oil can simply be eaten. Just use the syringe to place the oil directly on your tongue or onto a spoon for you to lick. When eaten, the oil produces effects more similar to edibles. You can expect a strong body buzz that can last for as long as 6–8 hours. If you don’t particularly like the taste, you can also spread it onto a piece of toast with jam or put it into pudding or yogurt in order to dilute the taste.

It can also be used the way that Rick used it, by being applied directly to the skin like a cannabis topical cream. Just place a dab of the oil on any trouble spots and cover it with a bandaid or a bandage so it stays in place.

It’s really important to remember that Rick’s oil is not intended to be smoked, vaped, or ingested in any other way.


Dosing Rick Simpson Oil

How much of Rick’s oil should you take? Since it’s so potent, a good starting dose is a small drop of oil about half the size of a grain of rice, taken at most 3 times a day. As your body slowly builds a tolerance to THC, you should up the dosage slowly. Since Rick’s oil is loaded with THC, taking too much can result in experiencing anxiety and paranoia, although the most common side effects are sleepiness and drowsiness.

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