A New Kind of Green Banking? Top Tips on Storing Cannabis

With all the newfangled ways to enjoy cannabis—vapes, edibles, topicals and others still—it’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of cannabis while losing sight of the most important element of all: The cannabis!

That’s one reason we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about storing cannabis here at Green Goddess Collective. Because all the time and care each of our growers, processors, distributors and delivery people devote to bringing you the best possible cannabis doesn’t count for much if your fresh flower doesn’t get all the love and attention it needs once you bring it home.

So with that in mind, we’re going to share a few of our top tips on storing cannabis at home. No matter your budget—even if you don’t have one!—we bet we can improve the way you treat your most precious leafy greens.

Storing Cannabis: What to Put It In?

While many of us may have grown up hiding our stash in a desk drawer, a shoebox, or a plastic baggie, we can do better than that today. Even if you’re not ready to invest in a purpose-made vacuum-sealed container—which are great for storing cannabis!—there’s a good chance you’ve got a Mason jar lying around. Time to put it to good use! Storing Cannabis 1

Besides being inexpensive and easy to find, Mason jars are airtight, which is a big deal. Humidity is an important factor in keeping weed fresh. A little moisture is helpful; a lot not so much. There are several useful and cost-effective solutions to this problem, including disposable humidity-control packets. Barring that, the good old Mason jar is a fine option.

Keep It Cool (But Not TOO Cool!)

So, what about temperature? Like any plant, cannabis requires sufficient light and warmth to grow. But once it’s harvested, it’s more akin to an agricultural product, like produce. Just like you wouldn’t store that vitamin-rich kale or delicate butter lettuce on the kitchen counter, it’s best to keep your cannabis away from light and heat, the traditional enemies of freshness. Excessive heat and light tend to dry out the terpene-rich essential oils that characterize the best weed. The result can be a dry, roached-out tasting smoke that’s bitter and harsh rather than flavorful and sweet.

While all our cannabis is carefully and repeatedly screened for mold and mildew, it’s possible that spores can be introduced after purchase. These bad actors usually thrive between 77° and 86° Fahrenheit, so we always recommend storing cannabis in a cool, dark place.

Storing Cannabis 2

Does that mean the refrigerator? Unfortunately, no. Although a refrigerator may appear to be a great place for storing cannabis, the variations in temperature in humidity aren’t ideal. Remembering that cannabis is a plant, the same goes for freezing. The cycles of rapidly cooling and heating tends to physically damage fragile the plant’s fragile trichomes.

And a cautionary note: If you live with children or minors, be sure to store your cannabis in a safe place. We’re big believers in the cannabis plant’s therapeutic and recreational benefits, but only for consenting adults!

Now that you know how to store your cannabis to preserve it’s freshness, stop by our Venice Beach dispensary to stock up on some excellent bud. Check out our online dispensary menu to see what’s available.

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