Best Strains for Your Date Night with Cannabis

The right choice of cannabis has the potential to easily spice up any date night, or even act as an aphrodisiac for intimate encounters. For those in search of the best strains for sex or simply for spending time with that special someone, look no further than these sultry buds.

Date Night? Best Strains for Sex

Lava Cake

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Source: Leafly

An indica hybrid with lineage stemming from two popular strains, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie, the primary appeal of Lava Cake is its adept ability to instill a deep sense of relaxation capable of lasting for hours.

These intense soothing effects mark Lava Cake as easily one of the best strains for sex, as just a few puffs are enough to invoke a scintillating high that wraps the entire body in a warm, buzzy glow. Small doses may be best suited to newer cannabis users, however, as Lava Cake’s powers of relaxation can sometimes give way to a restful sleep.

Wedding Crashers

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Source: Leafly

One of the more common cannabis strains on the market, owing to its status as a prized hybrid cross of the well-known Purple Punch and Wedding Cake, Wedding Crashers brings together the best qualities of its parentage to create a truly unique experience. Upon encountering Wedding Crashers, consumers are instantly drawn in by its captivating scent featuring tones of grape and vanilla.

Wedding Crashers is renowned as a potent strain, with batches testing at above 21% THC on average. With the calming impact of its Wedding Cake ancestry, this strain has been frequently reported to quickly ease anxiety, livening the mood for a date night full of fun and adventurous energy.

Guava Jelly

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Source: Weed Guide

This indica dominant flower hails all the way from Afghanistan, where a natural form of the strain is said to grow. Guava Jelly stands out among other indica strains available on the market for its relatively high proportion of CBD. Standing at a CBD/THC ratio of 2-to-1, Guava Jelly is one of the most well-suited strains on the market for the treatment of pain and other discomfort.

Likewise, its CBD-rich nature lends itself well to easing nerves or racing thoughts before an important date. After smoking Guava Jelly, before long the body settles into a mellow mood, and the mind is uplifted into a state of bubbly happiness.

Orange Cookies

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Source: Leafly

Orange Cookies is well known as a strain with a sweet and vivid aroma, making it one of the best strains for sex as a result of its airy scent that burns like a citrus candle. Its flavor is equally delightful, as notes of orange and earth blend together for a smooth and easy smoke that remains memorable long after the bowl has been finished.

While batches of Orange Cookies can vary in potency, the strain typically tests at around 18% THC on average, imbuing the strain with moderate potency. For inexperienced cannabis consumers, Orange Cookies will easily deliver the body into a state of euphoria that invites sharing with a partner or significant other.

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