Using Cannabis Topicals: The Best Recommendations

With summer in swing, nothing compliments the heat better than the right cannabis topical. Cannabis-based balms, lotions, and other products that soothe the skin can create the perfect conditions for enjoying a relaxing bask in the sun or lend a sense of tranquility to almost any situation. Here’s an overview of the various types of cannabis topicals, along with choice product recommendations for beginners to seek out.

Balms, Lotions, and Creams

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Source: Weedmaps

In the age of legalization, one of the most salient phenomena to be observed is the rise of CBD-based lotions and creams. CBD, an abbreviation of cannabidiol, is a special organic compound that occurs naturally within cannabis. When harnessed, CBD has the potential to imbue topicals with pain alleviation, as well as promote deep sensations of ease and comfort.

Cannabis-based product manufacturer Papa & Barkley has created a line of CBD-infused balms and lotions that aim to satisfy any who are interested in the relaxing effects of the unique compound. Applying these cannabis topicals to any area of the body will result in localized relief that acts fast to manage physical discomfort. For an ample amount of time after application, your skin will experience CBD-induced bliss that makes Papa & Barkley products an essential purchase for weekly or daily use.

Like Papa & Barkley, Apothecanna manufactures a line of cannabis-based creams that are renowned for their quality of ingredients and potent efficacy. The Apothecanna “Calming Creme” utilizes the power of both CBD and THC to offer a product that leaves behind a warm, all-encompassing afterglow long after it has been applied.

Transdermal Patches

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Source: I Heart Jane

If you prefer a different method of getting your CBD, Mary’s Medicinals has an ideal topical solution. The company crafts a variety of transdermal patches that address the issue of discrete, mess-free dosing by delivering cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream.

In particular, their CBD patch is a remarkably convenient means of portable intake. Not long after placing your Mary’s Medicinals patch on any exposed area of skin, the distinct qualities of CBD begin to work their magic, gently settling the body over time into a state of wellness that has been said to prevent the emergence of overbearing nerves or anxiety.

Bath Bombs

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Source: Kush Queen Cannabis

Kush Queen’s “Relieve” Bath Bombs also employ an even mix of THC and CBD. However, the actual experience of using them may strike consumers as being markedly different from other cannabis topicals like creams or lotions.

When submerged in hot water, Kush Queen Bath Bombs fizzle forth quickly for a fragrant, aromatic bath. Whereas a cannabis-based cream is more suited to using for localized regions of the body, taking a dip into a bath with infused bath bombs can be a truly heavenly experience, as THC and CBD soak into the skin.

Topicals are a fun way to introduce cannabinoids into your selfcare routine. You can see what we stock on our online dispensary menu, or stop by our Venice Beach dispensary to grab some right away.

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