Weed and Working Out: Does Cannabis Help?

The stereotypically sedating and demotivating effects of cannabis aren’t what you would usually associate with an intense workout session. However, many find that mixing weed and working out can give them a mental boost during their workout and may even help them to recover more quickly. Is there really any merit to lifting weights or running while high?

Running While High: What’s the Deal With Runner’s High?

Ever heard of the term runner’s high? As runners begin to really hit their stride, their body begins to release hormones called endorphins. This can trigger a deeply euphoric and blissful state of mind called a “runner’s high.” While endorphins are one explanation for this phenomenon, others have proposed an expanded view on what’s behind the runner’s high–and it includes endocannabinoids.

Research suggests that endocannabinoids—cannabinoid-like compounds produced naturally by the body—may kick in after some amount of exercise, binding to receptors in the brain and creating this euphoric state.

But what if you didn’t need to exercise for so long in order to feel the same way? You wouldn’t think that weed and working out would mix well but for many, it seems they do. Whether you’re a runner or a weightlifter, the uplifting and relaxing effects of cannabis may be able to give your workout a boost.

Some have found that the uplifting, happy, and euphoric effects of certain cannabis strains can help them to feel more in tune with their workout. One CU Boulder survey found that 78% of respondents who used cannabis for exercise claimed that it increased enjoyment during workouts, while 52% said it motivated them.

Some find that running while high can make the whole experience feel like one long ‘runner’s high’. Additionally, weightlifters may find that the uplifting and calming properties of cannabis may help to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Cannabis as an Exercise Recovery Tool

Many athletes have publicly shared their appreciation for cannabis as a tool to help them recover from intense exercise.

When you put your muscles under intense stress, little tears occur in the muscle tissue. This allows the muscle to repair itself and come back bigger and stronger than it was before. However, this process also results in inflammation and may also cause inflammation-related pain: Those sore muscles you get after a hard workout.

To see the possible benefits of marijuana on muscle recovery, look no further than the relationship between CBD and inflammation. Research indicates that cannabinoids like THC and CBD may have anti-inflammatory effects. A 2009 research review found that cannabinoids may act as “novel anti-inflammatory drugs,” potentially making them useful in the management or treatment of several different inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

It’s this anti-inflammatory effect that athletes are betting on to relieve their sore muscles and help them to recover more quickly from intense workouts. Initial research supports the quickly growing bank of anecdotal evidence that CBD can be quite valuable for athletic recovery.

Moreover, products like cannabis oils, topicals, and edibles provide a way for health-conscious athletes to experiment with mixing weed and working out, without having to risk their health by inhaling smoke or vapor.

Give Your Workout a Boost With Cannabis

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