Autumn Eats: The Best Edibles for Fall

The weather outside is becoming crisp, creating the ideal conditions for relaxing indoors with an edible. However, with the multitude of delicious infused treats available for consumers at dispensaries in the wake of recreational legalization, it can be hard to discern between products. We’ve selected some of the best edibles in an assortment of fall flavors to satisfy your cravings.

Atlas Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Granola

Cannabis Infused Dark Chocolate
Source: I Heart Jane

Many of the best edibles involve chocolate, and Atlas’s dark chocolate granola bites sweeten the deal with rich notes of hazelnut. Owing to the high-quality ingredients employed by Atlas in every batch of bites, the sensation of cannabis that often overpowers many edibles takes a backseat to the delectable taste of cocoa.

Each bag of Atlas’s granola bites contains approximately 80mg THC, meaning there’s plenty of potency to go around when sharing with other like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. While the THC content may be diffused across the entire bag, however, inexperienced cannabis consumers will still find that eating too many bites at once results in an uncomfortably strong high. As always, using caution is recommended when handling these edibles.

Chill Caramel Singles

Cannabis Infused CBD Dark Chocolate
Source: Weedmaps

As everyone knows, caramel is an essential flavor of fall. From Halloween goodies to candied apples, fall’s sweet eats often feature caramel as a centerpiece. For those in search of high-quality caramel edibles, Chill is the go-to manufacturer, with infused chocolates that stand out among the competition.

Packaged in individual containers, one Chill square is ideal for dosing. With every bite, Chill’s scrumptious chocolate envelops a layer of silky caramel that instantly melts upon reaching the tastebuds. The content of each square is relatively mild, possessing only 5mg of THC and CBD a piece.

Kushy Punch Blue and Black Raspberry

Cannabis Infused Gummy
Source: Weedmaps

When it comes to cannabis gummies, Kushy Punch offers top of the line products, prized for their quality and potency. While their edibles come in a variety of flavors, the blue and black raspberry variant of their signature infused snacks is a stand-out, keeping consumers coming back for repeated purchases through their delightful tart taste.

Kaneh “Best of Both Worlds” Brownies

Cannabis Infused Brwonies
Source: Weedmaps

Kaneh is known for their inspired edible creations, with these baked brownie squares a testament to their ingenuity. The dessert squares offer “the best of both worlds”, blending brownies and chocolate chip cookies together into a bag of filling cannabis edibles. For the best results, warming them beforehand is recommended.

These brownies are easy to properly dose out, as every brownie contains around 10mg THC. Individuals with low tolerance will likely want to pull their square in half before eating, while experienced consumers will have the perfect dose in the palm of their hands.

Ready to get a taste of fall? Check out our online dispensary menu to see our assortment of CA’s best edibles and place your order. We’ll let you know when to swing by our Venice Beach dispensary to pick it up!

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