Portable Potency: How to Use a Tincture

With so many options available to consumers on the modern cannabis market, it can be difficult to know where to begin when exploring new products. One lesser-known form of cannabis is the tincture, bottles of cannabinoid-rich liquid that make portable dosing a simple task. Here’s everything a discerning customer should know about how to use a tincture before delving into this curious cannabis niche.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis Tincture

Traditionally, cannabis tinctures were composed of the essence of cannabis, distilled into an alcohol-based substance through a process of filtering and straining its potent cannabinoids. Tinctures are one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption in America, found at some 19th pharmacies as a special prescription for certain ailments.

Today, cannabis tinctures come in an extraordinarily wide variety of forms and flavors, harnessing the extract of various strains, generally without the alcohol. Sativa, indica, and hybrid tinctures are all available at dispensaries, and many tinctures harbor differing levels of potency, making it simple to select the product that matches your unique cannabis tolerance.

How to Use a Cannabis Tincture

How to Use a Cannabis Tincture

The process for how to use a tincture is simple. Most bottles of tincture come equipped with a special dropper that makes it possible to dose with discretion and ease. First, unscrew the dropper, which typically serves as the lid of your tincture bottle. Draw the desired dose of your tincture and apply it under the tongue.

Soon, your tincture will begin to work its magic, as the onset is relatively quick. Often, tinctures settle in faster than edible products, as cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker through the mouth than through the stomach. It is still important to wait in between doses, however, as too much tincture may result in an uncomfortable high for inexperienced consumers.

Making Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis Oil

Making cannabis tinctures is similar to the method for creating cannabis oils. The major difference is that tinctures are alcohol-based substances. To craft your cannabis tincture, the first step is to grind and decarboxylate your cannabis. Decarboxylation is the process of heating your ground cannabis, often using an oven and a baking sheet, in order to “activate” the cannabinoids within.

Once your flower has been prepared, combine the cannabis with high-proof alcohol in a jar or other container. From this point, it can take multiple weeks in order for the cannabinoids to settle into the fullest extent possible, and shaking occasionally is recommended for the best results. The longer one waits, however, the more potent the tincture will become. Your final task is to strain your tincture through a suitable filter.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to buy some pre-made tincture, plus you have the benefit of testing and knowing the THC:CBD ratio.

Tips and Tricks for Cannabis Tinctures

The possibilities for how to use a tincture are endless and go well beyond simply dosing on the go. Your tincture is also well suited for infusing certain cannabis edibles, particularly beverages. Just stir in the desired amount, and any drink is instantly infused to perfection with a dose of THC capable of uplifting any dreary day.

Ready to try tinctures? Check out our online dispensary menu to see the variety of tinctures that we carry. Once you place your order, we’ll let you know when it’s time to swing by our Venice Beach dispensary to pick it up.

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