Brand Spotlight: Source Cannabis

For this vendor spotlight, we’d like to focus on one of the best cannabis growers around, Source Cannabis. If you’re looking for premium cannabis flower, you can’t go wrong with a jar of Source buds. Here’s why we love Source flower so much.

Natural California-Grown Cannabis

Source Cannabis has a long history in the cannabis market. Founded in 2003, the Source team has had many years to perfect their craft as cannabis growers–and they haven’t disappointed. Today, Source cultivates some of the best California grown cannabis flower that we have on offer at our dispensary.

What makes their flower so great? The Source team’s hands-on approach to growing cannabis gives them full control over the process from seed to harvest. All of their flower is soil and indoor-grown, hand watered, and it is flushed for 3 weeks with water to ensure a clean and smooth final product. The result is fresh, flavorful, and potent cannabis flower that have loads of bag appeal and produce robust effects.

]Source cannabis offers a wide strain selection year-round that features a great blend of classic strains, unique strains, and California strains. In addition to their fantastic flower, Source also makes a lineup of ‘Tower’ pre-rolls. Available in 1-gram sizes and in multi-packs, these pre-rolls are hand-packed with Source’s Clean Green Certified cannabis.

Clean and Pure Cannabis Flower

Their hands-on approach and commitment to clean growing processes has led Source to produce some of the cleanest and purest cannabis in California. Source Cannabis is proud to be Clean Green Certified, a testament to the clean, organic, and sustainable growing processes they use. Their staunch dedication to cultivating clean and pure cannabis plants has led them to produce some of the cleanest cannabis you will find at any dispensary.

Best of all, Source Cannabis is grown by cannabis lovers, for cannabis lovers. This isn’t just another corporate cannabis brand. The Source team are cannabis connoisseurs who have brought their expertise and passion for the plant together to grow buds that they love to smoke themselves. This is cannabis with heart.

Source Cannabis at Green Goddess Collective

Ready to try some fine Source Cannabis flower for yourself? Then come down to our Venice dispensary in person or browse our online menu right now to check out an impressive selection of flower that we’ve personally hand-picked for its purity, potency, and flavor.

Looking for a specific Source strain recommendation? Some of our favorites include Source Cannabis Quest and Source Cannabis Mint Trees. This sativa-indica duo is a great combination of daytime and nighttime strains, with Source Cannabis Quest deserving special mention for its uplifting and clear-headed effects. Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly budtenders for advice. We’re always here to help!

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