Brand Spotlight: Moxie Cannabis

If you love concentrates and haven’t heard about the subject of today’s brand spotlight, prepare to say hello to one of your favorite new companies: Moxie. One of todays’ premier California based cannabis extractors, Moxie makes a variety of cannabis products like vape carts and concentrates. Let’s take a deeper dive into Moxie and what makes their approach and products so special.

Who Is Moxie?

As anyone who’s worked in the cannabis industry for a while can tell you, there are plenty of companies, brands and products that come and go.

Not with Moxie. The company was founded specifically to help standardize the cannabis industry. To that end, Moxie has dedicated itself to using pharmaceutical-style practices to craft the perfect infused products. Additionally, they’ve become known for their dedication to making every product consistent and of the highest quality.

Moxie has only continued to expand on that success. In 2022, the company’s founder, Jordan Lams, made High Times’ list of the 100 most influential people in cannabis.

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What Kind of Cannabis Products Does Moxie Make?

When someone mentions Moxie, your first thought should be extracts. Moxie has earned a reputation for two different types of extract products in particular: concentrates and vape carts.

Moxie Concentrates

Moxie’s best-known products might be their concentrates. They specialize in live resin, a form of high-grade butane hash oil (BHO). Rather than curing or drying plants after cutting them down (the usual post-harvest treatment a plant receives), cultivators immediately deep freeze the fresh plants for extraction.

After letting them freeze completely, extractors remove plants from the freezer and immediately wash them with solvent to “wash” off goodies like terpenes and cannabinoids. Then, they purge the solvent away, leaving behind a rich, golden-hued concentrate.

Often, extractors will whip or otherwise agitate the concentrate during the extraction process, which can lead to different textures and consistencies like badder or sauce. Extractors can only use their best plants for this process, resulting in Moxie’s next-level concentrates.

Some of our favorite concentrates in the dispensary are Moxie’s Blueberry Cheesecake Live Resin, Creme Brulee Live Resin Badder, and their Do-Si-Dos Live Resin Badder.

moxie cannabis

Moxie Vape Carts

Outside of concentrates, vape carts are probably Moxie’s second biggest product. Vape carts are portable versions of a concentrate, put into a glass, plastic, and/or metal container. Each container holds 1 gram of concentrates. As a result, each of these vape carts can last a fair amount of time—depending on how often you puff, of course!

These containers can screw onto any standard 510 vape battery, making them highly versatile. Just charge the battery up with a proprietary charger (that usually fits into a USB slot) and you’re good to get vaping. That’s in stark contrast to concentrates, which require comparatively more specialized equipment to use.

If you’re in the market for vape carts, make sure you check out Moxie’s Do-Si-Dos Cartridge, Lemon Charm Cartridge, and Blueberry Cookies Cartridge.

Find Moxie Products and More at Green Goddess Collective

Ready to discover the awesome power of Moxie products for yourself? You can find a full list of the Moxie products we carry at Green Goddess Collective here. And as always, check out our full menu to discover more great brands!

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