Common Misconceptions: Persistent Cannabis Myths Debunked

When it comes to cannabis, advocates of legalization have long had to fight against misinformation related to the plant and its effects. Opponents of cannabis legalization have historically leveled harsh claims against cannabis, stating that cannabis makes individuals lazier, that its only use is for “getting high”, and even that it can be lethal to consume. Here’s an overview of the most common cannabis myths, and context to inform your perspective.

Cannabis Myths: Cannabis Makes You Lazy

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One persistent cannabis myth is that cannabis inherently causes a negative impact on productivity, making those who smoke or ingest cannabis products helplessly couch-locked and unable to address their responsibilities. In reality, the relationship between productivity and cannabis use is nuanced.

While some individuals may experience “laziness” or a deep sense of relaxation after ingesting certain strains of cannabis, the effects of cannabis depend heavily on the type consumed, the dosage, and the tolerance of the person consuming it. For example, indica strains are known to instill the restful state that cannabis is known for, while many sativa strains have a reputation for imparting alertness and creativity in those who experience their effects.

Likewise, high doses of cannabis are much more likely to affect the productivity of consumers than low doses. When taken in small amounts, cannabis can lend a happy buzz to activities and actually help to promote work ethic.

Cannabis Myths: Highs

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First, it should be stated that many consumers seek after cannabis products for the promise of a psychoactive high. Most products carried at the typical dispensary will be efficient in inducing the mind-bending effects that cannabis is known for, but there is growing space in the cannabis market for products that don’t deliver a psychoactive high at all.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a component within cannabis that contributes greatly to its natural abilities of relieving pain and other discomfort. Many new products have been developed within the past few years that harness the power of CBD, resulting in medicinal solutions based on cannabis without the psychedelic qualities.

Cannabis Myths: Lethality

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Perhaps the most dangerous myth surrounding cannabis is that it can be lethal in high doses. When addressing the question of whether or not cannabis is lethal, it’s important to understand that individuals with certain conditions – such as those with heart problems – should consult a medical professional before consuming cannabis. However, while taking too much cannabis can be a scary experience, the CDC has stated that marijuana overdose is unlikely to occur.

Even if overdosing is unlikely though, cannabis consumers should always heed caution before using cannabis products. Pay close attention to instructions for dosing and exercise patience in between each hit or bite of an edible. When consuming cannabis safely, your experience should be smooth and free of the distress that can come with ingesting too much THC.

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