Back to School Season? Best Cannabis Strains for Stress Relief

Right now, the question of whether the fall 2020 semester will be all-online or not is still an open question. But one thing’s for certain: The parents of kids cooped up at home for those long school days spent in front of a screen will need some stress relief. And cannabis might just save the day.

Millions of Americans already turn to cannabis for stress. With our understanding of cannabinoids like THC and CBD growing by leaps and bounds, it’s easier (and more effective) than ever to dial in precise, gentle and sustainable relief from the everyday (or not-so-everyday) stresses of navigating life in a pandemic.

So let’s take a moment to share how to use cannabis for stress, including a few key strain recommendations. We’re confident you’ll be able to tackle whatever fall 2020 has to throw at you and more!

Cannabis for Stress: A Drop of Science

While many of us grew up thinking cannabis was for getting blissfully lost—and hey trust us, we’re 100% on board with that too—one of the cannabis plant’s best surprises is its sheer versatility. A little cannabis science helps make this otherwise puzzling feature clear.

As you know, the cannabis plant’s major “active ingredients” are natural compounds called cannabinoids and terpenes. You already know the two major cannabinoids: THC and CBD. Both have very useful—but very different—effects on our bodies. THC is responsible for cannabis’ euphoric “high,” among other things, while CBD imparts a gentle cerebral “buzziness” as well as powerful anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic (stress-reducing) effects.

cannabis for stress 1

What’s more, cannabis is roughly divided into two broad botanical categories, indica and sativa. Generally speaking, indicas tend to deliver a heavy, body-centered high, while sativas are more energizing and stimulating. Knowing this, then, it follows that when choosing a cannabis for stress during daytime, we’d probably want to go with a sativa with a hefty proportion of CBD, the non-intoxicating major cannabinoid. At nighttime, an indica with a greater proportion of THC might make more sense to help unwind after a long day.

What’s more, there’s the question of dosage. Medically speaking, many people derive greater benefit from less cannabis. That’s the general idea behind microdosing, or taking tiny doses of cannabis for its health benefits (without fear of a head-clouding high).

So, what about some specific cannabis strains for stress? Here are a few of our current favorites.

Cannabis for Stress: Best Strain Recommendations

Amnesia Haze

cannabis for stress 3

As the name implies, this strain can inspire deep forgetfulness! But go low and slow and you’ll be treated to a euphoric onset and an uplifted but relaxed ride.

Canndescent “Cruise”

cannabis for stress 2
Source: Weedmaps

While not a strain per se, Canndescent’s themed offerings are designed for specific outcomes. This premium flower is just the thing for evening out a stressful day and helping you cruise through to victory!

Granddaddy Purps

cannabis for stress 4

This legendary strain—aka “Granddaddy Purple” or “GDP”—is beloved for its peaceful cerebral effects and stress-relieving body high. But again, go low and slow, or your midday recharge might turn into an extended nap!

Ready to explore more cannabis for stress? Check out our online menu to find your ideal strains!

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