Bringing the Heat: Best Strains for Summer

Summer has arrived in full force, and the days continue to get hotter. While poolside gatherings are a staple of summer festivities, any get-together can be enhanced through the addition of the right soothing strain. To help plan out your next backyard kickback, we’ve selected some of the best strains for summer that are virtually guaranteed to induce pure joy.

4 of the Best Strains for Summer

White Fire

White Fire OG Marijuana Strain
Source: Leafly

White Fire brings the heat of its name in dazzling style, standing out as a signature indica through its coated, crystalline buds. Upon opening any purchase of White Fire, the plant’s distinct presence instantly strikes the senses, with a pungent aroma that arises from the container and is not soon forgotten.

The strain is known to be one of the more potent offerings on the cannabis market, with THC levels that are capable of reaching 25% on average. White Fire is descended from a lineage that carries similar gravitas, as a product of the famous Fire OG Kush.

Lava Cake

Lava Cake Marijuana Strain
Source: Leafly

Known primarily for its delectable flavor profile, Lava Cake is an example of cannabis that often prompts consumers to return for repeated purchases as one of the best strains for summer. A cross between the well-known Grape Pie and Thin Mint GSC strains, the hybrid possesses a heavily indica-dominant nature, resulting in a deep, relaxing high that is reported to last for hours.

Dragon Fruit

Unlike Lava Cake, Dragon Fruit is a perfectly even 50/50 hybrid with a unique high that mixes and matches the euphoric qualities of indica and sativa strains. A cross between Super Silver Haze and Snow Lotus, it gets the best of both worlds.

Testing at around 20% THC on average, the strain is potent and induces a cerebral rush that will bring you joy. Its fruity flavor is perfect for hot days and would pair well with a frozen fruit smoothie.

Sunset Sherbet

Sunset sherbert Marijuana Strain
Source: Weedmaps

Sunset Sherbet’s name alone imparts a cool sensation. When its tart smoke hits your tastebuds, you’ll be dreaming of citrus and berries (and probably craving a bowl of the cold stuff). Its potency ranges from 18 to 24%, so check your brand’s lab test info before overindulging in this relaxing strain.

A mix of


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