CRU Cannabis Artisanal Flower

Generally, a craft cannabis company will focus on doing one thing and doing it well. But that’s not in the game plan for CRU Cannabis. The company has been able to diversify its product offering by implementing complete vertical integration. Today CRU does much more than just high-end flower, they’ve also become known for their infused pre-rolls, little blunts and sauce pens, too. Let’s dive and explore what we think makes this cannabis brand so special.

Who is CRU Cannabis?

What drives their philosophy? The people at CRU realized early on that great cannabis products all start with the same primary ingredient: great flower. Whether you’re crafting extracts, pre-rolls, or just packaging it up for direct sale, you can’t have high-grade products without high-grade flower.

To that end, CRU grows all of its artisanal-grade flower indoors with their own custom mix of nutrients. They also stay away from harmful pesticides, preferring instead to use more natural alternatives. Additionally, CRU places a huge emphasis on its strain library. The company boasts that it keeps more than 100 strains in reserve, rotating them around to keep their offerings fresh.

cru cannabis flower

Our Favorite CRU Cannabis Products

If you take a close look at their product offering, you’ll find that CRU actually has quite a diverse lineup of cannabis products. They’re best known for their assortment of high-grade flower, along with pre-rolls and sauce vape pens. Here are some of our favorite highlights.

CRU Cannabis Flower

Importantly, there’s one aspect of CRU Cannabis’ flower that helps set it apart from competitors: they actually hand-trim their flower. This is in stark contrast to many other big-league cannabis cultivators, who generally use trimming machines to manicure flower.

Hand-trimming generally results in the end user getting less leaf and stem content in their containers. This, in turn, results in a smoother smoking experience since these parts of cannabis contain significant plant matter and not much THC.

If you’re a fan of cannabis flower, you can find several of CRU’s artisanal strains at Green Goddess Collective. Some of our favorites are Tangelo, Fruity Pebbles, and their take on the classic Headband.

cru cannabis flower

CRU Littles

Feel like sparking up a blunt, but don’t have a huge crew to share it with? While we admire folks like Snoop Dogg who can enjoy a full blunt on all his own, CRU Cannabis recognized that, like mini pre-rolls, little blunts could fill a hole in the market. And so their “Littles” line was born.

But just because CRU’s blunts and infused pre-rolls are little doesn’t mean they don’t pack a serious punch. Check out their Grand CRU 40 Cake, Grand CRU 40 Yuzu, or their Triangle Punch Fat Boy to see what we’re talking about.

CRU Sauce Pens

With the level of popularity concentrates have achieved, it seems like every brand needs to have some kind of extract in their product lineup. Thankfully, CRU’s offering is exactly what you’d expect from a company that makes artisan-level cannabis.

What’s more, they’re super-portable thanks to CRU packaging them up in their simple (but effective) Sauce Pens. CRU’s sauce pens are vape carts powered by a battery, and they are great companions for when you’re on-the-go or just puffing at home. CRU designs their vape pens for 2-3 second inhalations and they come in popular varieties like Durban Sunset Cake, Purple Punch, and Wedding Cake.

cru cannabis flower

Find CRU Cannabis at Green Goddess Collective

Want to take a deeper dive into CRU cannabis flower and other CRU products? You can explore all the CRU products we carry here. Come into our beautiful Venice Beach dispensary to see them in person or to chat about any of these products with our knowledgeable team.

Of course, you can always browse our full menu—filled with California’s very best cannabis brands and products—anytime. We look forward to serving you soon!

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