How to Come Down from a Weed High

The highs that come from cannabis can vary wildly. Sometimes, a cannabis consumer might find that they’ve overindulged. And unfortunately, the weed paranoia can come on fast and strong. On the bright side, we want to show you how to come down from being high.

3 Tips on How to Stop Being High

How to Stop Being High

If you want the high to end early, we have the answers to help out today. Let’s look at our best-kept tips on how to get rid of being high.

First Things First: Everything is Okay

Before we dig in too deep, remember to relax. You’re not dying. There are no fatal overdoses from weed, and you’re going to be 100% fine.

That might be easier said than believed right now, but the high will fade. Time might move slower, but if you can, try to just sleep it off. After maybe a few hours (or less), you should be completely sober again.

There are some ways we can speed up that process, though, fear not!

how to stop being high on weed

Have a Whiff or Two of Black Pepper

There’s some science behind taking in the aroma of fresh black peppercorn. Even Neil Young lives by using the stuff when the high gets to be too much. You might even try chewing on two or three pieces.

Researchers think it’s the Caryophyllene in peppercorn. It acts as a CB2 antagonist in your body. Now, that’s just a fancy way to say black pepper could help sedate the effects of THC inside you. Sedating THC’s effects could calm you, ridding you of your bad high.

Important Note: Don’t inhale the black pepper! Take a sniff or chew just a couple pieces. Inhaling too hard may cause irritation in your nose, or cause you to sneeze!

CBD to Cancel Out the High

Take Some CBD to Cancel Out the High

Finally, fight cannabinoid with cannabinoid. In this case, CBD could potentially cancel out the effects from THC. This depends largely on when you choose to take the CBD compared to the THC product.

A series of studies has examined how CBD can counteract the negative effects from THC. This includes paranoia, anxiety, cognitive impairment, and more.

Likewise, many studies have looked at CBD’s ability to help with anxiety. It’s a calming, relaxing, non-psychoactive, and non-intoxicating part of the cannabis plant. Who knows, you may enjoy the combination that CBD and THC gives you. From there, you might even incorporate CBD into your regular routine.

Final Thoughts on How to Come Down from Being High

As we wrap up our guide, we hope you can use some of these tips to better control your high. Getting too high can be scary, which is why these tips on how to get rid of being high are so important.

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