Get More From Your Buds: How to Stay High Longer

Let’s face it: Premium cannabis isn’t cheap. Planting, cultivating, harvesting, and curing top-shelf flower is a labor-intensive process, and we all know the sting of watching a precious resource go up in smoke when it can seem the actual experience of highness is all-too-fleeting. To help correct this, we’d like to share some solid, grounded, and authoritative advice on how to make your high last longer and get the absolute most out of your precious cannabis dollars!

How Long Does a Cannabis High Last? Getting the Most Out of Your Bud

While some people want to stop being high because they’re uncomfortable after an excess of THC—the cannabinoid responsible for the marijuana plant’s “high”—many others want to make their high last longer. Whether it’s to reap more benefits or just to enjoy the ride, maximizing your high will help you get the most of each puff.

Speaking of which…how long is a high supposed to last, anyway? And if it feels too short, how can I get higher? Worthwhile questions, no doubt. While there’s no single answer to the first one—a best estimate is roughly one to three hours for inhaled cannabis—we can address the second one.

Of course, the simplest way to make your high last longer is to have more cannabis on hand during your smoke session. Pretty simple, right? Just increase your online order or check out what specials your favorite Venice Beach dispensary is offering right now.

How to stay high longer

That said, it is totally possible to develop a weed tolerance from the cumulative effects of THC. Fortunately, the cure is fairly simple and it costs nothing; you can visit our recent post to learn more.

It’s also worthwhile to consider your consumption method. Rolling joints, for example, can be a fun and easy way to enjoy a variety of strains and it results in a fast-acting and direct intake. But if you’re looking to get more from your cannabis though, it’s a fairly inefficient way to smoke. Smoking from even a simple pipe or bong will help you get more from your buds. For that matter, so will using a vaporizer. Because vaporizers heat cannabis to the point at which their cannabinoids are released (rather than burning the plant matter), you tend to get more from the products. In addition, using a vaporizer is easier on the lungs and delivers a smooth, flavorful experience.

And don’t forget, how you store your cannabis makes a difference. Cannabis that is left out may end up dry and lose some of its THC, whereas cannabis that is stored in a cool, dark place stays at the zenith of its quality longer. Investing in quality cannabis storage will assist in extending the lifespan of your purchases.

Extending Your Experience: Making Your High Last Longer

Ok, so the product side is taken care of. Now, let’s turn to how to stay high longer. We know that THC is the cannabinoid that imparts that yummy high. So, by taking a hit of a higher-THC strain, the experience should result in a longer-lasting high. As noted earlier, though, if you’ve built up a tolerance that may not work as well for you.

igher-THC strain

That said, there are other surprising measures you can take to maximize the effect of your favorite strains. While there’s debate as to how effective it actually is, one of the best-known is eating a fresh mango before smoking. Mangoes, which are high in myrcene (one of the most prevalent terpenes in cannabis) interact with the body to allow cannabinoids to more efficiently flow through the blood. They’re delicious and helpful!

Similar “cannabis superfoods” include certain varieties of nuts and tea. Tea is packed with antioxidants that assist in unlocking the potential of cannabinoids. Meanwhile, certain legumes also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which attach to cannabinoid receptors and have been reported to produce fuller, richer cannabis highs. Play around with some of your favorites to see what kind of effect you get.

A Long-Lasting Method of Consumption: Edibles

Another way to extend your high is to switch consumption methods. When we consume cannabis in the form of edibles or tinctures, the cannabinoids are processed through the stomach and the liver as opposed to the lungs. On a practical level, this means that the high tends to come on slower but last much longer (in some cases up to 12 hours!). For this reason, it’s wise to plan carefully when consuming edible cannabis and make sure you don’t take too much too quickly. Remember: You can always take more cannabis later, but you can’t take less!

Exercising after smoking

There’s one final trick we’d like to share: Exercising after smoking may help your high last even longer. While you should definitely be careful to not overexert yourself, even light exercise will help to promote blood flow and release THC that has been naturally stored in the body’s fat. Many who exercise shortly after consumption report that their experience is much more intense than it would have been under normal conditions.

Again, we do want to stress that there’s such a thing as being too high! Those of us who consume too much THC can find that they experience anxiety, a racing heart, even paranoia. If this happens to you, we’d like to remind you: You’re not in danger, and the effects will typically subside after a short while. Again: It’s a reminder to plan your experience wisely!

How Can I Get Higher? Wrapping Up

Of course, to get started with making your high last longer, you’ll want to grab some high-quality products. Check out our online menu and place an order now! And if you have any more questions about extending your high, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help!

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