Cannabis and Wellness: What to Know About Yoga While High

You probably already know that millions of Americans are turning to cannabis for relief from a wide and growing range of symptoms and chronic conditions. But as the benefits of working with cannabis to boost our self-care and wellness routines become more clear, some of us are wondering what cannabis can’t improve. Very little, from our perspective, and that brings us to today’s topic: Doing yoga while high.

Working out while high has its benefits, including the pleasing psychoactivity associated with THC as well as the anti-inflammatory benefits of numerous cannabinoids and terpenes. Yoga while high most likely has an even deeper backstory than working out while high. After all, people in India—the birthplace of yoga—have been enjoying cannabis for literally thousands of years.

Yoga While High: The Basics

Although yoga only gained traction in the United States with Richard Hittelman’s televised classes of the 1960s and ‘70s, it’s a philosophy first developed in India some 5,000 years ago. Because it’s a light exercise practice, a mindfulness builder, and a centering routine all in one, yoga is a natural candidate for combining with cannabis. It can be a great way to lessen stress and connect with oneself.

Yoga While High 1

While there are many styles of yoga to choose from—from energetic hatha yoga to breath-focusing vinyasa yoga to athletic, sweat-inducing bikram yoga—they can all be characterized by bringing unity to mind, body, and spirit. And because cannabis has a unique way of bringing our awareness and interconnectedness to the fore, integrating it into your yoga practice can take it to new depths—or is that new heights?—when it’s done with intention and consciousness.

Yoga While High: Practical Tips

The idea isn’t to lose track of ourselves, assuming we’re consuming a cannabis strain that contains THC (the only cannabinoid responsible for the cannabis plant’s “high”). Rather, we suggest you either take only a very small amount of cannabis to help deepen your inward focus, or stick with a strain with little to no THC. CBD, the second most abundant cannabinoid, delivers at most a very gentle energizing “buzz,” as well as its own host of beneficial medical effects.

Yoga While High 2

And of course, while THC and CBD stimulate our minds and heighten our awareness, that’s not all they’re doing. As we hinted above, a great many cannabinoids and terpenes elicit powerful responses in our bodies, ranging from easing sore and tired muscles to reducing the inflammation associated with strenuous workouts. So if the idea of trying yoga while high doesn’t float your boat, maybe the thought of rubbing in a soothing cannabis-infused balm after your next yoga session will be the thing to get you out on the mat.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Starting a practice that helps you center yourself and be at peace with uncertainty may be helpful in navigating the days, weeks, and possibly months ahead.

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