Most Potent Cannabis: The Highest THC Strains

When it comes to cannabis, most individuals are in search of a strain that will prove to be an exceptionally potent smoke. However, it can be difficult to discern those strains with high THC content from their less powerful counterparts. For those seeking out the highest THC strain that will lead to mind-bending highs, these are some choice selections from the Green Goddess menu.

Highest THC Strain? Try Skywalker OG

Highest THC Strain 1

Skywalker OG is a renowned indica-dominant hybrid strain that is instantly recognizable to most cannabis enthusiasts. Owing to its storied lineage which includes the exceedingly tasty Blueberry OG, Skywalker stands out from the pack with its signature refreshing, earthy flavor that keeps consumers coming back for repeated purchases.

With a THC content of 18% on average, Skywalker OG is considered one of the highest THC strains, though some specialized strains may well surpass Skywalker in their potency. However, any cannabis consumer will appreciate the heavy, heady buzz that immediately results from Skywalker OG, which soon settles into a comfortable glow throughout the whole body.

Sunset Sherbet

Highest THC Strain 2

Similarly famed for its distinctive flavor, Sunset Sherbet is a staple of many dispensary shelves. Those who smoke Sunset Sherbet will instantly be impressed by the sweetness of its smoke, making for a delightful experience that is best shared with other like-minded cannabis companions. Likewise, opening a container full of Sunset Sherbet evokes an aroma of citrus that fills the air.

Sunset Sherbet owes much of its potency to its cannabis heritage, as the strain is derived from one of the most celebrated strains on the market, Girl Scout Cookies. That means inexperienced cannabis users should heed caution before taking too many puffs as Sunset Sherbet in order to avoid an uncomfortably persistent high.

Lemon OG

Highest THC Strain 3

A peculiar indica-dominant hybrid, Lemon OG distinguishes itself from other, similar strains through its unique effects that often contribute greatly to the enjoyment of music, movies and other forms of entertainment. On average, Lemon OG contains a THC content of around 19%, making it one of the highest THC strains of its kind.

White Fire OG

Highest THC Strain 4

White Fire OG, lovingly nicknamed WiFi OG by fans of the famous bud, is a singularly potent example of the highest THC strains, with an average THC content of 21% depending on the batch. Its crystalline trichomes which coat WiFi OG like heavy snow lend the strain its name, appearing like “white fire” rising from the flower.

Due to the strain’s THC content and satisfying flavor profile, WiFi OG is often employed in the creation of cannabis distillates, such as concentrates or vape liquids. That makes WiFi OG products of some form easy to find at most dispensaries, though consumers should be aware that concentrated cannabis can be far more potent than its flower counterparts.

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