Searching for a “Less High” High? Try These High-CBD Strains

As you’re well aware, we love the full-body high we get from high-THC cannabis. There’s nothing like feeling stress, anxiety and worries dissolve away as THC’s blessed euphoria takes hold (we even share some tips on how to stay high longer).

But sometimes, that’s not quite what the doctor ordered. Whether you’re trying to keep a clear head for daytime activities (or address specific symptoms like stress and anxiety), high CBD strains might be more appropriate.

So with that in mind, let’s take a moment to drop in with these very special cannabis strains. We love them in their right time and place, and we bet you’ll find a place for them in your cannabis collection too!

High CBD Strains: The Science

As you probably know, THC and CBD are the two major cannabinoids—think of them as “active ingredients”—in cannabis. (They’re not the only ones, of course, but that’s a topic for another day.)

THC is the cannabinoid that imparts the cannabis plant’s delightful euphoric high. But while the experience of ingesting pure CBD isn’t as noticeably psychoactive, behind the scenes it’s imparting powerful medicine. For one thing, as several studies have demonstrated, CBD is an anxiolytic, meaning that it helps decrease anxiety. It also helps us find deeper and more restorative sleep as well as imparting powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

But when it’s focus and awareness we’re looking for, CBD can help too. Where THC enfolds us in a euphoric cloud, CBD tends to make us feel slightly buzzy or energized, one reason many of us turn to high CBD strains for daytime use.

Of course, when it comes to THC vs CBD, you don’t have to choose just one or the other. Most strains contain at least a little CBD, and even high CBD strains often include some THC content. So with that in mind, we’ll share a few of our favorite high CBD strains for you to check out. We think you’re going to love the way they take the edge off anxiety while keeping you clear-headed and focused.

Green Goddess Collective’s Favorite High CBD Strains

Rising Sun by Flow Kana

High CBD Strains
Source: Weedmaps

1/8th oz; $33

Boasting a nearly equal ratio of CBD to THC, Rising Sun is a great way to dip your toes into the world of high CBD strains. Fun and euphoric without being overwhelming, it’s well-loved by fans who note its “productive, creative high” and ability to keep your soaring over anxiety and stress. But because it contains more THC than most of our high CBD strains, take it easy at first. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck in a mental soup, trying to remember just what it was you were trying to…what was the question?

The Gift by THC Design

THC Design’s Signature Jar
Source: Leafly

1/8th oz; $33

Packed into THC Design’s dandy little signature jars, this high CBD powerhouse is a real gift for those seeking to quell aches and inflammation, stress and anxiety, and a smooth daytime ride. You’ll feel a tightened focus and clarity and what some describe as a “very light, building high” that swaddles you in calmness. And The Gift’s sweet, earthy flavors set off by a menthol kick are a present unto themselves.

2:1 CBD Cartridge by Care By Design

CBD Cartridge
Source: Weedmaps

.5 grams; $50

We love CBD (the brand’s) approach to cannabis-based wellness: Expertly crafting cannabis concentrates designed for specific outcomes. In the case of their 2:1 vape cartridge, those outcomes include imparting a soothing calm, easing away strain and stress, and generally making you feel slightly gooey and warm without an overpowering THC high. The cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted with a minimum of processing from cannabis grown in California’s storied Emerald Triangle. In fact, the method is the same used to decaffeinate coffee! If you’re looking for fast, gentle, and effective relief from symptoms and chronic conditions, we think you’ll love this one!

Biarritz CBD:THC Blend Preroll by Roam

CBD Balm
Source: Leafly

1 gram; $9

We’re big fans of these elegant little prerolls. Tight, expertly made, and packed with flavorful ground flower. This particular offering is designed to maximize clear-headedness, pain relief, and calm. You’ll get a nice dose of the happies thrown in, but all in all this is a light smoke that’s ideal for daytime use.

AC/DC CBD Tincture by Rogue Tincture

High CBD Strains 5
Source: I Heart Jane

1 bottle; $36.75

A perfect distillation of what many CBD connoisseurs describe as the perfect high CBD strain, this flavorful tincture allows you to take your cannabis wellness on the go with you. Already beloved as a remedy for a host of chronic symptoms and conditions—ranging from the minor to the severe—AC/DC is an herbal and pine-scented strain that handles them all with ease. Rogue Tincture’s version bottles up fresh AC/DC extracted into organic extra virgin olive oil for a shelf-stable (but non-alcoholic) medicine you can rely on all throughout the day.

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