How To Use Rosin: A Cleaner, Simpler Concentrate

Some concentrates are pretty self-explanatory. But if you’re new to the world of concentrates, you may be wondering how to use rosin. While it can certainly be dabbed like other concentrates, there’s actually more than one way to enjoy rosin. Keep reading to find out how to use rosin.

A Cleaner More Versatile Concentrate

What is rosin?

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is extracted from plant matter through a process of applying heat and pressure. As the plant is squeezed for all it’s got, out comes rosin, a thick resinous, syrupy concentrate, free of solvents. Because it’s truly solventless, it’s considered to be a cleaner, purer, and simpler concentrate.

How to Use Rosin

Due to its simplicity, rosin was one of the first cannabis concentrates on the market and continues to be a favorite of many dedicated canna-sseurs to this day. The process is so simple that it can even be made at home using a hair straightener (not that we’re recommending that!).

How To Use Rosin: 5 Ways to Enjoy

Roll It Up

One way to enjoy rosin is to dry it out, crush it up, and roll it up in your joint or blunt or whatever. It may seem counterintuitive due to how sticky and sap-like warm rosin can be, but by drying it out, rosin is perfectly suitable to be added into any kind of rollie you like. Just be sure to roll on a table or on a tray so you don’t lose any of your precious concentrate during the rolling process!

Alternatively, this concentrate can also be heated up to become more liquid-like instead of being dried out. Runny, sap-like rosin can be applied directly to your paper using an application tool. By applying it this way, you can use it to glue your paper together when rolling, ensuring it’s wrapped tight.

Add It To Your Bowl

Another way to enjoy rosin is by simply adding it to your pipe or bong bowl. Just break it up and place it on top of a layer of ground flower. As you light it, it should heat up and melt right over and into the cannabis below it, giving the whole bowl a serious boost in potency. If you’re really feeling adventurous, try starting with a layer of ground cannabis, then add a layer of kief or crystals before placing it on top.

How to Use Rosin: Vape It

How to Use Rosin: Vape It

Rosin can also be vaped out of a vaporizer. No preparation necessary, just pop it in your vape chamber and vape away. Some people also like to make rosin-infused e-juice for e-cigarettes. Just make sure that your vaporizer is designed for use with concentrates as vaping out of a dry herb vape will damage it pretty quickly.

Bake It Into An Edible

Many people prefer to add rosin directly into their foods and oils as they are cooking. Others prefer to decarboxylate the rosin first in order to ensure that it is fully activated and ready to use for cooking. However you prefer to do it, this concentrate can be infused into all kinds of cannabis edibles just as easily as ground flower or other concentrates.

How to Use Rosin: Bake It Into An Edible

Dab It

There’s a reason why most people prefer to dab their concentrates, and rosin is no exception. By dabbing you will be able to enjoy more of the terpenes that your concentrate has to offer. Dabbing your rosin will release more of that deliciously weedy flavor packed inside it!

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