Purple Strains: What Makes Them So Exotic?

Nothing makes you think “this strain is good” quite like deep purple coloring. But what exactly does it mean to be a purple strain? We know purple strains have an exotic air about them, but how do they get their intoxicating coloring, and what information can we take from it? We’re going to answer those questions in our deep dive on purple strains.

Exotic Purple Strains: What Are They?

If you’ve ever seen a purple strain before, you know exactly what makes them so striking. Their vibrant, purple color sets them apart from every other strain out there. Regardless of how good a strain smells or how pleasant its effects may be, none of them are as instantly recognizable as purple weed.

Both a strain’s environment and its genetics play a role in its coloration. Without the right genetics, a strain will never have the ability to turn purple. And without the correct environmental conditions, even strains that have the right genetics will never get the opportunity to express their purple color.

What Makes Weed Purple?

Genetically, a strain must develop specific compounds known as anthocyanins. Essentially, anthocyanins are a class of organic compounds that express vibrant red, purple, or blue hues. Many different kinds of fruit have high anthocyanin contents. They’re extremely safe and have even carved a niche as a food additive and fabric dye.

However, just having anthocyanin in a plant isn’t enough to make it turn purple. A cultivator also has a big part to play here. Anthocyanin doesn’t just turn purple automatically. Instead, it needs exposure to the right pH levels. When acidic, anthocyanin turns red. But the more alkaline (basic) it gets, it begins to turn blue.

As a result, a cultivator must expose their plants to a high pH (more alkaline) to make their purple strains pop. Many cannabis growers will feed their plants with nothing but high-pH water for the last week or so before harvest to get those deep purple hues.

What Weed Strains Are Purple at Green Goddess Collective?

Interested in trying some purple strains for yourself? Check out some of the best exotic purple strains we carry like:

Frosted Donuts 

This rare hybrid has it all: A potent THC concentration, mouthwatering sweet flavor, and of course, an epic purple coloration. While some strains emphasize a deep purple hue on certain parts of their flowers, Frosted Donuts features a pale purple overtone across its entire body.

Northern Lights x Granddaddy Purple

If you’re looking for one of the OG purple strains, you can’t pass up Granddaddy Purple. This Northern Lights x Granddaddy Purple cross doesn’t disappoint. And it even comes pre-rolled for ultimate convenience!

Purple Punch

Here’s a strain that boasts both tropical vibes and a vibrant purple color. Purple Punch has a sweet flavor that’s rivaled only by its relaxing, down-to-earth effects. One puff will make you feel like you’re finally on that tropical beach vacation.

Exotic Purple Strains: Final Thoughts

Curious about other strains we haven’t listed here? Don’t worry, we have a lot more to choose from. Check out our complete selection through our online menu or stop by our beautiful Venice Beach dispensary. We look forward to serving you!

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