Winter Strains: Cannabis for the Holiday Blues

Colder weather is arriving in full force across the country, and while we’re pretty warm here, we aren’t immune to the holiday blues that can hit at this time year. While tucking away under the covers and binge-watching your favorite shows can be a great way to pass the time when you aren’t feeling up to snuff, December is even better with quality cannabis. To help you beat the holiday blues, here are a few hand-selected winter strains guaranteed to give almost anyone a pick-me-up.

Winter Strains to Pick You Up

White Buffalo

White Buffalo Cannabis Strain
Source: Kohn

White Buffalo is a strain that does justice to its name, offering cannabis consumers frosty buds coated with sticky trichomes like snow on a Christmas tree. As a potent sativa strain, White Buffalo is known primarily for its mood-enhancing effects, delivering a clear and calming cerebral high that deepens with each hit.

While White Buffalo may be considered a hard-to-find strain, those who do encounter it report intense and long-lasting euphoria that invites repeat purchases. Some batches of the strain test at over 19% THC on average, however, so newer or inexperienced cannabis users should exercise restraint when smoking White Buffalo.

Original Glue #4

Original Glue #4 Strain

Similarly rich in trichomes, the crystalline flower of Original Glue #4 exudes a commanding presence from the very beginning of interactions with this strain. Original Glue #4 is an award-winning strain, renowned for its warm, all-encompassing body high that wraps around the body like a comfortable blanket and leaves you, well, glued to your sofa.

Owing its lineage to one of the most popular sativa strains, Chocolate Diesel, Original Glue #4 blends its distinct influences to produce a memorable cannabis experience. Its reputation as a strain capable of consistently delivering good vibes has cemented its status as a staple of cannabis culture.

Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies Marijuana Strain
Source: Leafly

Known as a delicious smoke that invites sharing with groups of friends, Platinum Cookies is the ideal strain for long days when it’s too cold to go outside. After just a few puffs of Platinum Cookies, the scintillating high that follows will melt away stress and anxiety, enveloping the mind in a positive, carefree haze.

Platinum Cookies is also considered effective at combating insomnia, as the relaxed and happy state of mind created by this strain can be conducive to a good night’s sleep. Testing at around 17.5% THC, Platinum Cookies is relatively potent, though experienced cannabis users may appreciate its deep, restful effects.

Chocolate Tonic

Chocolate Tonic High CBD Strain
Source: Ed Rosenthal

As a high-CBD strain, Chocolate Tonic offers outstanding medicinal qualities that go beyond other strains that are rich in THC. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is the compound within cannabis that contributes most to its pain and anxiety-relieving qualities.

While CBD-rich strains often lack in THC, Chocolate Tonic possesses more or less an even amount of both components, making it somewhat unique within the cannabis market. Its smooth, chocolatey flavor and mild high also marks the strain as a popular option for newer cannabis consumers.

With some gray and rainy days ahead, why not grab some great strains to help pick you up. Visit our Venice Beach dispensary today!

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