Raw Garden Vape Carts & Concentrates

Raw Garden is an award-winning cannabis brand known for producing stellar cannabis concentrates. As one of California’s best-selling concentrate brands, Raw Garden has developed an extensive lineup of pure, potent, and flavorful extracts that are an absolute must-try for any concentrate lover. Here’s what sets this exceptional brand apart from the competition and why they’ve become one of our most recommended concentrate brands. 

Concentrates Fresh From the Garden

You can’t have good extracts without good flower. Raw Garden takes no chances in this regard, preferring to grow their own premium flower in their own facility rather than risk producing subpar extracts from subpar material. 

Their farm is hidden away in the beautiful rolling hills of Santa Barbara wine country. As one of the largest cannabis cultivators in California, the farm stretches over 50 acres and allows the team to work on a number of strains at the same time. The Raw Garden farm is also Clean Green Certified and focuses on using natural and organic fertilizers,  soil amendments, and pest control methods while avoiding the use of herbicides and other types of harmful chemicals. 

Raw Garden makes use of a state-of-the-art cryogenic freezing technique that captures the essence of the plant while it’s still alive, rather than curing first. They also use a proprietary cryogenic hydrocarbon extraction process that pulls out more of the good stuff, and leaves behind more of the waxes, fats, and other unnecessary plant compounds. The result is a line of amazingly flavorful and potent concentrates that burst with cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Raw Garden Concentrates

The pride and joy of their garden, Raw Garden concentrates come in a variety of formats. Their live resin and live sauce are a great starting point for any concentrate lover. These two product lines are made in limited small batches and, like all of their concentrates, come with easy access to lab testing results. Check out their Lemon Gas Live Resin and Banana Cream OG Live Resin if you’re craving something particularly tasty. 

Looking for the best of the best? Then you’ll want to try out their lineup of refined concentrates. These are the highest purity and potency concentrates that Raw Garden makes, allowing you to enjoy a truly next-level concentrate experience. Their refined concentrates are available as live resin diamonds and live resin crushed diamonds (like their Nova Madness and Key Lime crushed diamonds that our customers absolutely love). 

Raw Garden Disposable Vape Pens, Vape Carts, & PAX Pods

In addition to their lineup of concentrates, Raw Garden also offers an outstanding lineup of vape products. Raw Garden disposable vape pens, vape cartridges, and PAX pods are filled with their famous refined live resin, allowing you to enjoy it in a more convenient and easy-to-use format. Whether you prefer the Raw Garden carts, Raw Garden battery (disposable), or their PAX Pods, you’ll have access to several different strains and flavors. 

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