High for the Holidays? Here Are 5 Cannabis Strains to Be Thankful For

With 2020 panning out to be one unpleasant surprise after another, it’s safe to say that the holidays are shaping up to be a letdown. For one thing, the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic has upended many people’s travel plans. For another, the prospect of travelling all the way home and then spending two weeks in self-quarantine is enough to put a damper on anyone’s idea of “holiday fun.”

But we believe we can help. While we don’t quite have the design for our instant teleportation device worked out yet, our budtenders have been working tirelessly to source some epic cannabis strains to whisk you away. From mind-boggling full-body indica highs to cool, cerebral, sativa-fired rides, we present 6 cannabis strains you can truly feel thankful for!

Green Goddess Collective’s Favorite Cannabis Strains for the Holidays

805 Sour by Pacific Stone

Cannabis Strains 1
Source: Weedmaps

1 oz; $150

No surprise this hybrid strain is one of our new favorites! Crossing the classic indica power of OG Kush with Sour Diesel—one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains of the last 15 years—Pacific Stone’s 805 Sour comes on like a freight train and just keeps on rolling. With the Kush’s enveloping body high and Sour D’s invigorating cerebral buzz, there’s not much that chronic pain, anxiety and stress can do in the face of this powerhouse strain.

What’s more, 805 Sour comes from our friends at Pacific Stone, a unique SoCal collective of friends and family that’s dedicated to producing the best and cleanest cannabis they can, completely in-house. Nothing is outsourced; the end result is a smoke that lives up to Pacific Stone’s mission: To help stoke the simple pleasures of shareable, memorable moments.

Gelato Gas by Maven

Cannabis Strains 2
Source: Maven

1/8th oz; $50

The vibrant orange pistils and eye-popping violet and fuchsia highlights should serve as a hint of what’s to come with this very special flower. With a powerful gassy and earthy flavor, the nearly instantaneous head rush is followed by a profound full-body ease that will leave you feeling as though you’ve managed to defeat gravity. But this is no night-night strain: You’ll feel pleasantly stimulated (Gelato Gas is a great social smoke!) and ready to hang. But if you want to wipe away symptoms like aches and strain, this powerful cannabis strain is just the ticket.

White Fire by Source

Cannabis Strains 3
Source: Leafly

1 gram; $15

Talk about bringing the fire! With a THC level just scraping 30%, this sativa-leaning hybrid will carry you away firmly but gently. “Really nice, happy high,” says one fan. Clean, bubbly, and able to wipe anxiety off the map, White Fire has rocketed to many daytime smokers’ “Best of 2020” flowers. The strong flavor profile—black pepper, earth and soil—are matched by dynamite looks, too: Sparkly lush buds tinged with red, orange and gold. But we think it’s the lovely cerebral effects that will bring you back. Taste White Fire and prepare to be hella uplifted.

Durban Poison by Northern Emeralds

Cannabis Strains 4
Source: Get Nugg

3.54 grams, $57

Another popular daytime smoke, Northern Emerald’s take on this classic sativa strain is described by some as like biting into fresh citrus: The juicy lemon and orange flavors just seem to burst out of the bowl and directly into your cerebellum. The thick dusting of trichomes on the notably dense buds should serve as a clue to what awaits: A creative jolt that will keep you humming through the darkest days of fall. Bring it with you for a walk through the nearby hikes and trails of Venice Beach, or just rely on its clear, nearly espresso-like effects to help power your day.

Garlic by 1Lyfe

Cannabis Strains 5
Source: I Heart Jane

1/8th oz; $45

Dating back to the ‘90s and the brain trust of the Seed Bank (now operating as Sensi Seeds), Garlic can trace its pungent—but not actually garlic-flavored—roots back to Afghani cannabis strains, known for their classic indica high. But while it demolishes pain, insomnia and anxiety just like you’d expect, it pairs its delightful body blow with stimulating cerebral effects as well.

This powerful offering comes courtesy of our friends at 1Lyfe, an artisanal cannabis venture dedicated to cultivating the best possible flower with absolutely no shortcuts or compromises. And we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that their approach pays off!

Lemon Kush Mint by Farmer and the Felon

Cannabis Strains 6
Source: Weedmaps

1/8th oz; $32

Obviously, we were pretty stoked to try any offering from a brand with this name! But it turns out there’s much more to this memorable sativa-dominant hybrid than just a funny handle. Described as a “potent full-body healing hybrid strain,” Lemon Kush Mint delivers all these flavors and more, packing the sensations of zingy mint, puckery lemon and a pleasing pepper bite into small but potent little buds.

But this hybrid treats the head as well as it does the body. Not unlike Durban Poison, Lemon Kush Mint is great for all-day dreaming and exploring, either out in the wild or more inwardly. What’s more, Farmer and the Felon is a brand we can truly believe in. Co-founded by industry Dennis Hunter—the “felon” of the brand, he spent seven years behind bars for growing cannabis—the company is dedicated to growing exceptional cannabis sustainably, all while supporting justice for non-violent cannabis offenders.

Grab these great strains at our Venice Beach dispensary. Check out our online dispensary menu now to see what’s in stock.

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