Relief for Insomnia: The Best Strains for Sleep

One of the most uncomfortable sensations can be the feeling of wanting to fall asleep but being unable to. In the new age of cannabis legalization, however, accessing cannabis as a sleep aid is easier than ever before. To help you settle into bed during those long nights awake, these are the best strains for sleep that we have to offer.

Grab Some ZZZs With the Best Strains for Sleep

Dark Dosi

Dark Dosi Strain for Sleep
Source: Loud Line

Dark Dosi is an offshoot of the famous Do-Si-Dos strain, known as a popular selection among cannabis enthusiasts at most dispensaries where it is offered. Dark Dosi puts a twist on its lineage, delivering a decidedly more sedative high that sends the body into a mode of long-lasting relaxation.

Harnessing its deep, soothing qualities, Dark Dosi stands as a great choice among the best strains for sleep. Within a few minutes of taking a few puffs of its rich, earthy smoke, Dark Dosi will create an atmosphere of calm that is readily conducive to a good night’s rest.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin Strain for Sleep
Source: Weedmaps

A strain that smells as good as its name implies, Blueberry Muffin combines potent indica and sativa qualities into a renowned hybrid strain that impresses wherever it is found. While its buds feature stunning and vivid blue hues, the real power of Blueberry Muffin is revealed by its euphoric high that gently wraps the entire body.

Beyond producing the conditions for a long sleep, Blueberry Muffin also serves as an effective source of relief for anxiety and nausea. Worries begin to melt away after an encounter with Blueberry Muffin, and its high has often been reported to bring about strong hunger in those who experience it.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express Strain for Sleep
Source: Weedmaps

Midnight Express is a CBD-rich strain, meaning it contains higher quantities of cannabidiol than the average strain. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound within cannabis that is increasingly recognized for its healing and tranquility-inducing abilities, making this strain a unique option among the best strains for sleep.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Strain for Sleep

As a signature indica, Wedding Crashers has earned its status as one of the best strains for sleep, delivering a heavy, drowsy high that almost instantly begins to cradle those who use it into a state of rest. The strain also has a reputation as one of the better-tasting smokes on the cannabis market, possessing a robust, earthy and sweet aftertaste that pleasantly lingers for a short amount of time.

Wedding Cake is known for its high THC content, however, with some batches approaching almost 22% THC on average. Inexperienced cannabis users are advised to use caution when dosing with Wedding Cake, as ingesting too much THC can sometimes lead to uncomfortable or overbearing highs that last for too long.

Get some good sleep tonight! Try one of these strains or another of our awesome products. You can check what we have in stock and place an order with our online menu.

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