Turn Up the Heat: Best Strains for Summertime

It’s getting hotter, and that means the weather will soon be perfect for relaxing outdoor smokes. Few things are better in the summertime than sitting by the pool with a joint in one hand and an ice-cold beverage in the other. To accompany your summer sessions, these are some of the best strains from the Green Goddess menu for dealing with the hot days ahead.

Beat the Heat with These Best Strains for Sunny Days

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Cannabis Strain
Source: Leafly

Named after the stunningly unique fruit, Dragon Fruit makes a mark of its own on the memory through its many distinct qualities. One of the rarest aspects of Dragon Fruit is its perfectly balanced hybrid nature, as the strain possesses an almost completely even blend of indica and sativa genetics.

With most batches of Dragon Fruit testing above 25% THC on average, this is certainly a strain to employ caution with. For inexperienced or new cannabis consumers, waiting a modest amount of time between each dose is highly recommended, as ingesting too much Dragon Fruit smoke may give your session the spins.

Banana Jam

Banana Jam Strain

Grown by premium flower manufacturers Flow Kana, Banana Jam is a signature sativa that is known for its potent abilities of relaxation, making it one of the best strains for any lazy day in the sun. Just a few minutes after deeply inhaling Banana Jam smoke, the entire body begins to feel giggly, and the mind becomes intrigued by even seemingly mundane activities.


Mimosa Strain
Source: Weed Advisor

Mimosa is another sativa strain, termed after the famous beverage that graces most menus at tropical bars and resorts. Doing ample justice to its namesake, Mimosa is an easy burn and satisfying smoke, owing to its citrus scent and flavor that lingers in the memory for long after an encounter.

Testing around 20% THC on average, Mimosa is a deceptively potent strain when compared to other sativas. However, cannabis users who have built up their tolerance somewhat may find that Mimosa’s uplifting qualities are the perfect remedy to dull days stuck inside with the heat.

Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch Strain
Source: Weedmaps

With a name like Pineapple Punch, you expect one of the best strains for summer. The renowned hybrid certainly doesn’t disappoint, carrying with it a delightful aroma that calls to mind the pineapple of its name, as well as strong notes of earth and pine that blend into a soothing scent.

However, Pineapple Punch’s true appeal originates from its scintillating effects. While the strain is not necessarily among the most potent, with its average THC content landing around 14%, a few puffs will still be more than adept at delivering the body into a long-lasting state of bubbly euphoria.

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