Quick Guide to CBD:THC Ratios

When we talk about cannabis or cannabis products, the term “ratio” might sometimes get thrown around. A ratio typically refers to the amount of CBD to THC in a cannabis product or strain.

In this quick guide today, we want to cover everything you need to know about the CBD THC ratio of a product. We’ll even follow up with the most common types of ratios in the cannabis world.

cbd thc ratios

What is a CBD:THC Ratio?

To put it simply, a CBD THC ratio is how much CBD is in a product compared to how much THC it has. With this ratio, the CBD will always be listed first – even for something that’s THC-dominant.

So, if there’s 4 times as much THC as there is CBD, it would have an 1:4 ratio. For this quick guide today, though, we’re touching on mostly CBD-dominant ratios.

For example, an 8:1 cannabis product contains 8 times the amount of CBD than it does THC.

Most Common CBD THC Ratios

20:1, 18:1, 15:1

You’re looking at high CBD, low THC. This could be 15:1, 18:1, 20:1, or anything with a significantly higher level of CBD. It rarely causes a high.


More moderate of a CBD THC ratio, it’s simply 10 times more CBD than THC.

THC to CBD Ratio Explained

5:1, 4:1, 2:1

These ratios focus more heavily on THC’s medicinal use compared to the ratios we’ve already mentioned. You’d use a CBD THC ratio like these to get a slight buzz as part of your relief.


Finally, equal parts CBD and THC is one of the most common CBD THC ratios in the cannabis world. Users often find it effective for inflammatory relief and pain management.

1:1 is not considered a recreational level of THC. However, 1:1 products are possibly the easiest to find at most dispensaries compared to the others we’ve mentioned.

What’s the Best CBD THC Ratio?

It’s an understandable next question. If there are so many ratios, which one is the best for you? Unfortunately, there’s not an exact answer because CBD and THC work differently for each person.

Likewise, the reason you’re looking for a CBD:THC product may differ wildly from the next user’s. In fact, you might discover you prefer different ratios to fit varying needs. Try out a variety of CBD THC ratios to see what makes you feel most comfortable.

Wrapping Up

In this guide, we learned that picking the right ratio comes down to the individual. No two people will respond the exact same way to CBD and THC.

If you’re new to cannabis, a higher CBD level than THC is a reasonable place to start. As you discover cannabis products with varying ratios, you’ll learn which effects you like the most. Over time, you can gradually increase the THC side content to find the best ratio for your needs.

Find out which ratio is right for you—stop by our Venice Beach dispensary and learn more about the products we carry and how they can help you reach your goals. Or, check out our online dispensary menu to see what’s in stock.

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