Determining Weed Duration: How Long Does a High Last?

As awesome as getting high is, we sometimes have to do it on a schedule. Whether it’s slipping a quick sesh into a busy day or extending a high over a long period of time, one question remains: How long does a high last?

It’s definitely a valid question to ask. However, the answer is a little more complex than you might think. Below, we’ll break down what factors affect a high’s length.

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Factors Determining Duration of a Weed High

As many already know, the main psychoactive component in cannabis is THC. This organic compound imbues marijuana with all of its mind-affecting properties, from deep relaxation to bursts of creativity. As a result, THC is the main variable that determines how long a high will last.

Unfortunately, there’s no “math problem” to determine exactly how long a weed high will last. Instead, several factors interact with one another to impact the length of marijuana’s psychoactive effects. We’ve outlined some of the most important variables below.


THC Content of Strain

Not all strains are created equal. Strains with high THC content will get a smoker higher and keep them high for longer than strains with low THC. Additionally, CBD may reverse the effects of THC. As a result, high CBD strains won’t get you as high.

Your Metabolism

The faster your metabolism runs, the quicker your body will filter out the THC inside it. The end result? A shorter, less intense high.

Amount of THC you Consumed

This goes hand-in-hand with the THC content of your strain. If you smoke more weed, you’ll stay high for longer periods of time. Makes sense, right?

Your Tolerance

THC tolerance builds up over time. The more you smoke, the less high you’ll get. If your high doesn’t last long enough, take a tolerance break sometimes!

Your Consumption Method

This is one often-overlooked variable determining how long a high lasts. However, it may actually have the biggest impact out of any factor listed here. When you smoke or vape weed, it will hit your bloodstream nearly instantly.

But there’s a trade-off.

When you smoke or vape weed, its effects will last for less time than if you consume edibles. When you take an edible, THC passes through your digestive tract and into your liver. Once there, your liver converts it into another compound called 11-hydroxy-THC, which your body absorbs much more readily. What’s more, it can also pass through your blood-brain barrier, something THC can’t do on its own.

The end result? Edibles take longer to manifest their effects, but once you feel them, you’ll feel higher for a longer time than if you’d smoked or vaped weed.

How Long Does a High Last?

How Long Does a High Last?

Phew, we just covered a lot of ground. But how does this data help us answer the real question: How long does a high last?

This info will give you a basis to work from. If you take an edible, you know you’ll be high for longer. The same is true if you smoke a high-THC strain. Tolerance and metabolism also play a role.

With all this in mind, you’ll be able to more accurately tell how long your high will last. And if you need any premium flower, concentrates, or edibles to test your hypothesis, don’t forget to stop by your favorite Green Goddess Collective dispensary!

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