Minty Fresh: Eucalyptol-rich Strains to Help Cool Down

When it comes to cannabis, most consumers are familiar with the special chemicals within each plant that result in its soothing and psychedelic effects. Indeed, THC and CBD are cannabinoids that have become synonymous with the bodily impacts of marijuana. However, there are many other, surprising elements within cannabis that contribute to its all-encompassing powers of relaxation. One such compound is eucalyptol, a type of terpene.

Terpenes are organic compounds that lend every strain of cannabis its unique qualities, as well as its flavor and aroma profile. When growers develop new cultivars for consumption, they often purposefully attempt to express specific terpenes to lend the strain its signature persona.

Eucalyptol in particular has a reputation for imparting a delightfully fresh, minty sensation to any strain it graces, as well as potent pain relief. Don’t take our word for it, though, give these eucalyptol-rich strains a try for yourself!

Eucalyptol-rich Strain: Super Silver Haze

eucalyptol 1

Super Silver Haze is a renowned eucalyptol-rich sativa strain that has made its mark in the cannabis community over the course of decades, taking home the High Times Cannabis Cup for three years in a row during the late 1990s. Each puff of Super Silver Haze brings with it dazzling cerebral effects capable of inducing euphoria for hours.

On average, batches of Super Silver Haze have been found to contain around 19% THC content, putting the strain on the higher end of potency. Newer cannabis users should heed caution and exercise patience when enjoying Super Silver Haze, but experienced cannabis users will appreciate its heavy high.


eucalyptol 2

A hybrid strain that immediately stands out wherever it is found, Headband is the ideal strain for impressing other cannabis users. Its lemony fragrance is enhanced by the abundance of natural terpenes the plant possesses, including cool eucalyptol that imbues inhalation with a minty freshness.


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While AC/DC may lift its name from the world-famous rock band, the actual high this bud delivers is decidedly more mellow. That’s because AC/DC is a high CBD strain with only a light amount of THC, resulting in a cannabis experience largely absent of the typical psychoactive cannabis high.

When combined with the eucalyptol that occurs within the strain, its overall impact is geared directly towards promoting a pain and anxiety-free state of being. Not long after an encounter with AC/DC, the entire body begins to settle into a lasting, blissful mood.

Bubba Kush

eucalyptol 4

Bubba Kush is a timeless classic of the cannabis community, making a name for itself as a singular indica that instantly conveys a comprehensive body high. With a typical THC content of around 17%, Bubba Kush can pack a significant punch, so waiting a few minutes in between hits may be recommended.

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