Best Cannabis Books to Read While High

Many people love to smoke bud and kick back to enjoy some television or a movie. But if you are more intellectually inclined, or just bored of watching TV, you should try reading a book instead.

It’s not something that is often mentioned, but books and cannabis actually go together really well. Books are often more mentally engaging than movies, and getting really deep into a book while stoned can sometimes feel like being in a different world altogether. If you are someone who has a curious mind when they are high, books are a great way to satisfy that curiosity with knowledge and entertainment.

Which Cannabis Books Should You Read?

What better topic to learn about while high than getting high? With cannabis being such a popular topic nowadays, and so many books out there about it, it can be tough to know where to start if you want to read more about your favorite plant.

Wondering what to read next time you blast off? Check out these 4 cannabis books that will blow your mind!

Weed: The User’s Guide – David Schmader

Cannabis User's Guide
Source: Amazon

Check out this “21st Century Handbook For Enjoying Marijuana” to find out everything you need to know about making the most of this amazing plant. Inside you’ll learn about everything from the history of weed to coming down from an overly-intense high. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about this amazing plant and how best to enjoy it, make sure to give this one a look through. We promise you’ll love it!

Grass Roots – The Rise And Fall And Rise of Marijuana In America – Emily Dufton

The Up and Down Story of Marijuana
Source: Book Outlet

This intelligently written history of cannabis follows the up and down story of marijuana in the United States. Grass Roots doesn’t just explore cannabis, but it also looks at the Americans involved in the drug war, in cannabis use, and in activism and enforcement. Historian Emily Dufton entertains readers with America’s roller-coaster affair with marijuana and the impact that it has had on the lives of countless Americans. If you are a history buff, look no further than the Grass Roots for a well-thought-out and captivating retelling of America’s history with marijuana.

Green: A Field Guide To Marijuana – Dan Michaels

A Field Guide To Marijuana
Source: Walmart

This gorgeous coffee table book features over 400 pages of dazzling photographs and information about cannabis. The first half features a beautiful overview of everything cannabis, while the second explores 150 different cannabis strains, giving readers an up-close look at each one. Keep this book handy on your living room coffee table as your guests are sure to love browsing through the stunning photographs in these pages.

Bong Appetit: Mastering The Art of Cooking With Weed – Editors of MUNCHIES

The Art of Cooking With Cannabis
Source: Amazon

If you love cooking with weed, or just love edibles, you’ll want to check out this book for tons of delicious edible recipe ideas. Cooking with weed can be somewhat difficult as herb has such a strong flavor. Skip the trial and error process and let the experts show you what works and how to make it. This is one of the best cannabis books around for anyone who loves eating marijuana or even just experimenting in the kitchen.

A limonene-rich strain may just help you zone in on these great books. Give it a shop—check out our online menu to see what’s in stock at our Venice Beach dispensary.

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