Coping with COVID-19: The Power of Virtual Experiences

We humans are social animals, it turns out, and now more than ever, we all need a little togetherness. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been writing about ways to grab a little sense of contact and community, all while remaining safe in the midst of a highly contagious and unpredictable pandemic.

That’s where virtual experiences come in. While nothing can fully replace the energy of sharing space with friends or colleagues, they can make a great fill-in for this disconnected moment. We’ve written about activities like online art tutorials, but today we want to take the topic even deeper. We’ll share a few cooking classes, travel sites and other virtual experiences that can help remind us there’s a life outside the confines of our apartments or homes.

And while cannabis isn’t strictly required for these online adventures, it can sure help enhance them (on top of its ability to help fight stress, anxiety and depression). Be sure to check up on our latest deals to be sure you’re getting the best price on what we love to offer: The best cannabis we can possibly find!

Virtual Experiences: Online Cooking Classes

Virtual Experiences 1

As the bread-baking craze of spring 2020 demonstrated, there’s nothing like the promise of great food to help bring us together and drop some of our cares. Right now, you can go big with Masterclass—a sort of online portal featuring classes led by top-of-game experts—or dip your toes in with Rouxbe, billed as the world’s leading online culinary school. In between, there are plenty of options like ChefSteps, which marries expert advice for every level of expertise with gorgeous and just plain enthralling videography from their studios in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market. Best of all, no matter which class you go with, many of the better platforms offer a free trial. Especially when something as important as your taste buds are on the line, it’s best to be sure!

Virtual Experiences: Online Travel

Virtual Experiences 2

If you’re hungering for some travel right about now, an unprecedented offering of virtual travel experiences is waiting! Thanks to the spread of VR (and broadband internet access), you can visit some of the world’s greatest cultural attractions, national parks, wildlife safaris or even plunge beneath the waves on a virtual scuba expedition! The travel experts at Boat International have put together a first-rate collection of links to virtual experiences for you to enjoy from the safety of your own living room.

Virtual Experiences: Create an Online Book Group!

Virtual Experiences 3

Do you have a pile of books sitting by the nightstand you’ve been dying to read (but never seem to actually get around to?). We sure do! But falling into other peoples’ stories is a great way not only to pass the present moment but to gain meaningful insights into our own experiences.

What motivates us for any kind of project? You guessed it: Friends! Having reading buddies will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of whatever you decide to read. It’s an enlightening and bonding experience, and now more than ever—especially when so many of us are burned out on staring at screens—diving into a book is the right medicine for the moment.

How do you start? Take a page from one of the most famous publishers in America: Penguin Random House. Their page on how to start a book group is simple and informative.

How do you decide what to read? That’s even easier: We made you a list!

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